Urantia May 18, 2014.
Teacher: The Spark Within.
Subject: “All Life is Invaluable.”

Received by Lytske.

The Spark Within: “Allow Me to explain what it is that is beyond any price, and what cannot be bought for any amount of gold, silver or precious stones. It is this treasured mortal life that has been given to all evolutionary humans to serve as the foundation upon which to build their eternal life. This life is all too often squandered without a thought of how valuable this allotted time on earth actually is. It is worth the time spent on how to make the best use of it.

“Is it towards a worthwhile goal, or in worthless, meaningless pursuits? There are countless degrees to which time can be valued, an array of possibilities in which time can be spent. Time and space are creations and gifts from the Gods. Another gift is the precious human mind with which to think and make decisions. The proper working of the human mind is invaluable for a stable and harmonious life.

“Once mind was sufficiently evolved, the human was born to make free will decisions, and over time thinking increasingly expanded towards inventive creations including speech and how to use the mind to its fullest. By the evolutionary creation method all manner of societies have emerged, capable of helping this planet progress by their inventiveness. The only thing which has sadly not kept pace with those material pursuits is the individual spirituality of humans.

“A most confusing array of belief systems has sprung up all over the planet. Many prophets and seers have arisen to help keep the light of the one Truth of the Ultimate Creator alive. A Creator Son of God, the Ruler of the local universe chose this planet to, as the Son of God and Son of Man, show the love of the Father to his evolving offspring. Each year his birth and crucifixion are still remembered.

“Since all life is precious, truly invaluable to the Creator, the one question in celestial minds is, when will the humans on this most wonderful but utterly disordered planet start valuing their precious lives? There is so much unreality in the world today with all its commercialism and shallow entertainment, yes, so much so, people have become slaves in their daily striving to keep up with it all. It would be useful for you to take time out and dig deeper to find individual spirituality and build a solid foundation with an active personal interest to commune with the Spirit from God within, which is waiting to point the way to a more God-oriented life.

“They are those priceless moments spent in My presence, when all can imbibe of My unconditional love and then go forth with a renewed sense of belonging and hope, to soar on wings of faith and trust. It is God’s unconditional Love that can give hope to human souls and is the wind to propel everyone to a higher level for them to realize the inestimable value of life, to with a new sense of hope and courage help change this planet for the better with equality for all.”

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