Illawarra District, Australia, June 8, 2014.
Cherubim ‘I’ll be Frank’.
Subject: “Morontia and Spiritual Senses.”

Received by George Barnard.

I’ll be Frank: “Firstly, in the not too distant future, we will be re-acquainting ourselves with our noble friend, Isaac. His far-away work will soon come to an end, energy and communication circuits are being installed, and his greetings and love for you both travel ahead of his tireless body and genius mind. We will now busy ourselves with your senses here on Urantia, on Mansonia, and in the angelic and spiritual realms.

“Right here on the planet as mortals you have your five senses. You can see things. You can hear, you can smell, taste and you can touch. If you want to go beyond that to the so-called sixth sense, this can grow to be quite a number of things, but you need soul growth to have these soul felt experiences. You are making some movements towards finding out information beyond the five senses. You have built the machines for giving you Kirlian-like images – the aura machine – and even a lie detector, I do suggest.

“It is in the Morontia realm where you will discover a great number of additional senses. Mostly these deal with the feelings of others. You will still have your human senses – let me call them that – although in time the sense of taste may become redundant. However, once settled and grounded in a morontia body, you will have a faster moving mind, capable of perceiving well beyond present-day most advanced human psychic gifts. Obviously, I make clear to you right here that much of your growth will come from your ongoing liaison with your Adjuster.

“It is in the spiritual realm where you can find total understanding. You will learn to be able to sense other’s emotions with great clarity, with great accuracy, and so you see that with just your five senses here, you will have far more opportunity to grow in your lives to come. This relatively short life on this wonderful garden planet with many of us as your friends is only a taste of what living is all about. It gets better from here, yes it will! I hope this answers your questions at least to some worthwhile degree.

“A right old dyslexic mess you have made of it so far. It will certainly need tidying up. That is to say, this is Frank you’re talking to, and it’s late, very late. I come back now to the spiritual aspect, and what will happen there, is that you will have many more senses. You will have a far greater mind and you will be able to take in more and more information, faster and faster, and with that you will grow. You will recognize within yourself that you are growing to be able to have unconditional love for all, none excepted.

“More and more as you work your way towards Paradise you will find from moment to moment that you will be overwhelmed by the grandeur of all that you experience, of all that you see, and by all whom you will meet. That’s it for now, but I suggest you clean up this transmission to some worthwhile degree. Don’t mind me saying so. After all, this is Frank, always frank. Thank you all for being here.”

Note: Isaac is a Celestial Engineer, a good friend. He has been away for many long months.

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