Alabama, US of A, July 14, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Changing Your Reality.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You have been created for a reason, a purpose, to be the expression of an original idea in the mind of the Father. You have been created to be like God, to be his beloved children. If He can change reality at will, why wouldn’t His children have this ability? Your mistake is that sometimes you lower the idea of purpose to your self-limiting mortal level. Purpose is not what you do in life; it is not the situation in which you find yourself. Are you willing to believe that your Father would create a person to suffer and always struggle in vain against poverty throughout life, in order to learn something? It would be like those parents who decide to be the tormentors of their own children with the pretext of creating in them a strong character. Would you make the childhood of your own children harder and more difficult than your own, just to force them to learn something? Do you think your Father would?

“The purpose of your life in this world has nothing to do with being rich or poor, famous or unknown, your house, the car you drive, the places you travel, or the work you do. If you can’t achieve your goals in this area, it is not relevant. If you do, it is not relevant either. Life is lived in the empty spaces, those where you don’t do, but simply be, in the relationships with your neighbors, in the quality of love that is expressed through your being. Everything else is unimportant. If you become a millionaire your spiritual life will not be affected – unless you allow it. If you renounce material goods and move to the jungle, your spiritual life will not be affected, again, unless you allow it.

“The highest achievement of a human being is to live life in harmony – the best possible life – while serving the two masters, the material and the spiritual. Work to live in the world and search within the answers that your soul needs. You are free to do anything you want to do with your life, because that is why your Father gave this life to you.

“Come to your Father when you need advice, even with financial, material, or what you may call ‘the mundane.’ Do you think that the Creator of all would claim incompetence in matters material? You will always be able to count on the Father’s guidance and support to achieve success in all your enterprises. Truly, if more among you would come to your Father before making decisions about your laws, your government, your diplomacy, things would be much better in this realm.

If you feel that you have not achieved your goals, it is wrong to say that such was ‘not the will of God’, for if your goals are worthwhile and you are not going against love, you will always have the Father’s approval and support. How many among you have achieved goals that lead only to destruction, confusion, and unrest, in just being motivated by your own material ambitions and short-sightedness? If they can achieve their goals, those with higher goals and hopes will certainly have the same opportunities. Most of the time, it is you who is the one to blame for not achieving those things you desire. The Father is not the one who imposes limits.

“Consider the athlete who begins to train for a certain sport. At the start the athlete is out of shape and has never before won a competition. That person has no reasons to believe he cannot achieve something worthwhile. There are millions of athletes who begin at this level, and have this way of thinking. Some who loose some competitions eventually quit. The ones who win some contests start to feel more confident. Once the athlete has won at higher levels his or her confidence grows. Those around that person will also start to trust more in the athlete’s talents. Perhaps a higher level trainer will come to help the athlete. Maybe a promoter will come to finance the athlete. Our athlete now has greater confidence and will start training with more intensity, competing and winning more events, and start to believe that maybe he or she will have the opportunity to win at the highest level. This is how the athlete finally reaches the highest levels in a particular sport.

“What is the difference between the world-class athlete and those who started at the same level but never achieved success? It was the degree of confidence each one possessed. Many lost their first competition and quit, because they concluded that they were not as good as the others. If they had won that first competition their story could have been different. They based all their success, and the achievement of their goals, on a completely random event, winning or losing a competition at a level where no one is fully prepared. It is confidence what determines success in any endeavor in life. And what is confidence if not faith, the hope of achieving something important? Strengthen your faith in the guidance and caring of your Father and cultivate that confidence that will allow you to grow beyond your limitations and achieve the goal of living and becoming the best you can be. It is the pursuit of perfection and sharing a likeness with God.”

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