Urantia, June 13, 2014 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Mastery over all Negative Tendencies.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We will give some moments of our time to purity of thought. Purity and sincerity are connected to each other, but they are not identical. You wish to acquire purity of thought, yet for a mortal this is extremely difficult to garner, because of your tendency to judge and criticize, to evaluate another, to minimize, to over-emphasize, and to exaggerate. Attaining purity of thought equates with gaining mastery over all negative impulses and tendencies. It has to become an unconscious habit of pure thinking in which sincerity comes first. Sincerity could therefore be seen as the forerunner of purity, for when you are sincere, you are pure at heart, and the pure at heart shall see God.

“Therefore, in order to obtain pure thoughts, it is advisable that you practice sincerity, sincerity, and more sincerity. This then places your soul well on the path of spiritual development and self-mastery. To attain this excellent start, a lot of self-discipline needs to be practiced. I do desire that you should not grow discouraged on the long road to ultimate purity of thought, rather I would have you constantly bear this goal in mind, so the ideal can ‘grow on you’.

“Most habits have a way of growing on you without conscious thought on your part, and therefore there are many humans who are not even aware of their habits and thoughts, which in fact can work against their growth and well-being. This can persist until something happens, which brings them face to face with less than ideal circumstances, or an illness is brought on due to habitual negative thinking. If you desire a clear thinking mind, you need to scrutinize the self to see if there are any negative habits you can well do without. Scrutiny will aid you into a better way of life and self-discipline to overcome such habits. It goes without saying that addictions of any kind are included in this exercise of self-discipline towards the attainment of self-mastery.

“Even when you at times fall short of the mark, do not grow discouraged. You can always pray for the mind of Jesus to indwell you and help you in your struggles to obtain sincerity of heart and purity of thought. Besides, you can always come to Me for guidance as I am always available to you. I am nearer to you than your hands and feet, and nearer than your breath, as I dwell within you. Your desire to have pure thoughts is My desire also. So yes, turn within more often, so I can teach you some more, at times and you become more mindful of My Presence within you, which will lead you to the practice of pure thinking.”

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