Urantia, July 08, 2014.
Teacher: The Spark from God Within.
Subject: “Life is an Unfolding Journey.”

Received by Lytske.

The Spark from God Within: “It is timely to provide more proof that, yes, it is entirely possible to connect up with the Spark from God within. Everyone is allowed, and indeed encouraged, to give this Gift from God His or Her own name, so over time there will be established a great relationship. Instead of always depending on that wonderful Gift from God, the mortal hopefully evolves enough to finally in a moment of generosity say, ‘What can I do for you today? How can I please you in turn?’ This question would then be seen as a lovely gift from the heart and mind of that mortal, who would be well on the way to becoming immortal.

“Usually humans have needs and wants on their minds when they pray. Rarely does it occur to them that it would be greatly satisfying to the Creator of all to get a mere ‘morsel’ of appreciation from an individual, who is beginning to realize how blessed he or she is. Blessed, even though he or she can only be dimly aware of all the blessings raining down in a steady downpour. Never mind the outward material circumstances, there will always be something to be discovered one could be grateful for.

“To be given life is already the greatest blessing, even though this is commonly accepted as totally normal. People rarely think about what this great mystery of life is all about. Oh sure, they like to duplicate it or try to improve on life, but the initial Spark of Life is already there. No one will ever be able to create new life, for this is the prerogative of the Giver of all life. Even messing about with life carries its own responsibility, and the taking of another’s life will definitely need to be answered for in eternity.

“Here again, not many mortals entertain a concept of how long eternity can be. They may well think that it will be boring, ‘sitting on a cloud, playing a harp’. When will humanity wake up as to what truly is the purpose and meaning of living a life? Each human is individually responsible for what he or she is doing with that life, and how they fill their days. Here we do not even speak of all the lessons they give their selves, made possible through another Gift from the Creator – the free will to chose, to think, plan and act on impulses and decisions.

“The lessons will always be in the context of the meanings and values you give to your lives, in the love you humans give each other, in the responsiveness to someone’s needs. These golden nuggets you gather up to store in the ‘bank of heaven’ as quality to be used when you pass from the earth’s scene to the next step in your evolutionary ascension journey back to the Creator. To give account of how your life unfolded towards perfection using all the wonderful gifts, which at this point in time are still hidden awaiting exploration in all the coming stages of ascension. I assure you there will never be a dull moment in this unfolding journey, unless you make it so yourself.”

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