Illawarra District, Australia, July 16, 2014.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “The Real Meaning of the Time Prompts.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “Good evening my friends and students, this is Machiventa. By my very nature, I, a Melchizedek, am attracted to any proposal, plan and format that is progressive by nature. Progress in this slowly evolving and perfecting universe is what motivates me to act, as does the danger of regression. When it was feared that the knowledge and teaching of the one Creator God would disappear from the minds and memories of mankind, I made my pilgrimage to your world and made Abraham and the Kenites my students and friends.

“Progress on an evolutionary world must always be moderated, or sheer enthusiasm will force it out of control. Therefore, all over the universes you will find ‘those of Churches’ to constantly be opposing the eager proposals of ‘those of Progress’ – yes, indeed, among angels and mortals! However, on this world, isolated for millennia without spiritual leadership and scant oversight, ‘Churches’ became the ragtag jamboree of myriad religions, cults and creeds, so I handed to you of Progress, firstly, the responsibility to respect and serve all.

“Again, I charge you to lead all those who find you to the all important starting gates of spirituality, to freely let them run their personal race, and for you to then fully trust God and your Midwayer brothers and sisters to carry through with their tasks. Decades ago, similar instructions were given to all Planetary Helpers and Personal Guardians; that they should time-prompt all who showed an ever-so-vague interest in truth, beauty and goodness, irrespective of what faith, if any, they were likely to be adhering to.

“You are Progress, and rightly so shall you be an obliging example in this thrust, this drive, this so very necessary ‘crusade’ to see all as equal under the loving care of God for man, woman and child, of any nation, race and color. With your acceptance of this covenant those of Churches, who likewise desire to honor their Creator God, will in time follow suit, and fewer of the totally unnecessary arguments will flare up about how it is ‘up here’ – often in such unrealistic detail not even I can recognize my place of birth.

“Always keep in mind that those who are deeply spiritual by nature must have some religious leanings; those who are staunchly religious are apt to be spiritual to a degree, but those of Progress must pay no mind to the differences. You are mandated to explain the 1,111 loyal Midwayers’ time prompts. You may speak freely of your extensive spiritual experiences, and you may well recommend the 5ER (the Urantia Papers). It is not a given for you to teach any of this as a new religion. That is Michael’s mandate and mine.

“I am Machiventa. You have my love and respect for all time eternal. Adieu.”

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