Urantia, May 26, 2014.
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Un-cluttering the Mind.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “In order to have a useful interchange of thoughts, it is necessary for you to start un-cluttering your mind, which would be a most beneficial habit to acquire. Especially the mercurial minds, such as those of most mortals in the western half of this planet, have become used to their ‘multi-tasking’. Therefore it would be a useful thing to look at the example of some of your Eastern brothers and sisters, who from early childhood on are more of a habit to engage in daily periods of prayer and meditation. Among them are to be found increasingly more geniuses, and the reason for this is that in these periods of meditation they give their mind a rest so it has a chance to un-clutter.

“The reason why I bring this subject to your mind is because so many ‘slumbering intellects’ on this earth never make use of their full potential, as even now with all their ‘so-called’ religious upbringing, the idea has never occurred to them that an interchange of thought is possible with their Spark from God within.

“As yet, most humans are in the dark about that wonderful Spirit Light within them, which is ever ready to light their path before them, to help incline their thoughts to higher levels, and in doing so, tap the secrets of the Universe they live in.

“How awesome and promising it would be if more mortals would set themselves the task of un-cluttering their minds and participate in a whole-hearted interchange of thought with the God of their being. The Creator has been most generous in time-space in helping his evolving children by giving them life, free will, and brilliant minds, which is theirs to develop as they see fit.

“Our function as Mentori, being a group of advanced Teachers from higher realms, is to point out certain potential improvements, as hardly anyone on this sadly backward planet is living up to their true latent abilities in this very important time in the history of the planet. Especially is this so, as some nations, which have attained a semblance of maturity, still choose to maintain one leg in the long-ago cave times in a highly unstable industrialized world.

“The question begs to be posed why the practice of diplomacy has never entered into these low-level thinking minds, to be cultivated for the benefit of the whole planet, so peace and true prosperity for all gets a chance to unfold.

“Rather than persisting with this low level thinking, do start acting as behooves the promising children of God. Get out of your sandboxes and settle down to some serious studying about why the Creator has bestowed all these many gifts which still lay dormant in the human psyche. Do start un-cluttering your minds of negative thoughts and start worthwhile thought-exchanges on a higher level with your Spirits from God within, to thereby in eternity become able to look back on your earth-life with a minimum of regrets.”

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"Evil has a very short half-life.
That which is God-like is eternal" –
Dr. Mendoza, 2007

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