Illawarra District, Australia, July 13, 2014.
Aaron of Urantia.
Samuel the Panoptian.

Subject: “The Importance of Terrestrial Experiences.”

Received by George Barnard.

Aaron: “Good afternoon, my friends and students, this is Aaron of Urantia. I am he who for many a season openly carried the papyrus scrolls so that all and sundry be reminded once again of the new and stricter Mosaic Laws. Samuel and I are with you again on this day to speak with you about the importance of terrestrial experiences. Why are these experiences on evolutionary worlds so valuable? They shape the personality, and they teach group cooperation of necessity. There is much more, however.

(A statement is being made here about our Creator Son).

Aaron: “Yes, even our Michael Son had to live on our planet to acquire sovereignty over all the domain he actually created, plus all life He and Nebadonia brought into being, and by doing a serious ‘live it, love it, and do it’ for the co-experiencing with the almighty Father. There is no alternative to space-time living, even for the Michaels, as there is no guessing what eternity is all about for you. One simply needs to actually be there. Those in the morontia realm may comprehend space-time, to humanly live it is to know.

“Long ago you learned what lies ahead in the far-distant future for all those now on their pilgrimage to Paradise. You will be in universes in deep space, dealing fairly with other erect-walking creatures made from the ‘dust’ of their respective planets. And, indeed you, and the group you will belong to, will treat these newcomers fairly with respect and love, for that is Michael’s way, Nebadonia’s way, the Father’s way. All throughout your deep space careers you will be relating back to your time on Urantia.

“You will see brand new worlds, yet they’ll have the same purpose. You will experience right and wrong, and know the difference in your heart. You will make decisions, righteously, without a moment’s hesitation. And why? Because you, yourself, as did Michael, lived your live as a human being here and now. Human life is the ideal schooling for an excellent universe career – second to none! Those who waste their terrestrial experiences, and those of others, will hardly find themselves in the most rewarding of positions.

“The importance of terrestrial experiences cannot be overstated; they are absolutely essential for those on a pilgrimage onto Paradise. It is however part of the Creator’s design that there be a multitude of profitable positions of importance within the headquarters of sectors, local universes, even super universes, there providing long-term learning opportunities for some to belatedly follow those who were paradise bound long, long before them.

“Rather rare circumstances exist when, unexpectedly, a devout and earnest student, and for unknown reasons, simply fails to fuse with his or her Thought Adjuster, to later become Son- or Spirit fused. More common is it for those who passed over still very young – and even more so those responsible for the demise of others – to tarry in the Systems and Constellations, Minor and Major Sectors in frequently brilliant careers. Your Midwayer friends will much later, catch up with you in your journey. We have nothing for you on the fate of Morontia Companions’ distant futures, or those of house pets.

“Samuel and I leave you here, and we leave you two our love. Work steadily on serving your two masters – your earthly requirements and your spiritual needs. I am Aaron of Urantia.”

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