Chicago, US of A, June 6, 2012.
Teacher: Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Worship.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Andrea: “Worship is the most sublime activity humans can practice in their lives. While the act of worshiping itself is a personal choice, its capability in human beings, however, is a spiritual gift granted by Mother Spirit through one of her adjutant spirits, the Spirit of Worship, at work in the human mind.

“Human worship is subject to evolutionary processes, not only in its origin, but also in its exercise and individual development. Worship starts in human beings as a longing for transcendence. It first brought to primitive men a feeling of suspicion that there must be more to life than simply being born, to then live and die. Along with this vague and inexplicable desire for transcendence, there was at the time of primitive men, and even nowadays, the difficulty of accepting or coping with losses of immediate family members, creating the belief that the lost ones must still be around as ‘ghost or spirits’. Fear of the unknown always created in humans an overwhelming need to protect themselves from unknown, possibly harmful events. Showing respect and veneration towards these unknown forces was a form of primitive worship.

“The ministry of various celestial bestowals, which the evolutionary worlds are recipients of, improves human beings’ ability to worship. However, Urantia’s abnormal path of disappointment caused several inhibiting effects upon this ability. Firstly, our Planetary Prince, Caligastia, early joined the Lucifer Rebellion. Secondly, the Adamic bestowal went awry through default. Finally, the Avonal bestowals expected after the Adamic one was preceded by Michael’s seventh bestowal in connection with Lucifer’s Rebellion. Notwithstanding the accrued benefits of these events on Urantia, their irregularities, culminated in error, misunderstanding and confusion for Urantians’ worship. As a direct result there were numerous superstitions and mistaken notions about Deity, not in the least for Christ Michael to be considered the Eternal Son, rather than our Creator Son.

“However, the nature of worship is never affected by the troubles a planet may suffer, as long as it retains its essential transcendental element. Our Father in Paradise accepts sincere worship from any human being, in every religious or spiritual tradition, no matter how much he or she might be mistaken about His identity. In time a more progressive understanding of Deity will bring to this planet a better understanding of God, as our Father and the Ultimate Source and Center of all.

“Although worship is all about God Himself, the worshiper always enjoys the pleasures of being in communion with Him, and the blessings this brings to life as whole. Worship is a function of the soul, assisted by the guidance of one’s Adjuster. As a practice, it does not require any external apparatus, but usually it is better expressed with an attitude of meditation and contemplation of God’s unique attributes. In its most profound expression, worship is for the sake of worship itself, nothing else.

“I am Andrea, your Primary Midwayer friend, enjoying this first contact. My love is with you. Peace.”

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