Alberta, Canada, July 29, 2013.
Prometheus’ Treasures - XVII.
Subject: “The Gift of Inspiration.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “Every new concept introduced into the mind of mankind, carries potential to explore its inherent creativity, and the application of this idea for the betterment of quality of life it could bring to culture, if the motivation of the individual ‘receiving’ the spirit-led initiative has the willingness to work with the indwelling Spirit to co-ordinate and expand the creative concept to align with the progressive, loving plans of the Creator.

“Doors can be opened, invitations received, and meetings arranged with ‘actors’ who are potentially practical benefactors, offering unexpected material and emotional support and mentorship. Coincidences are noticed and admitted when a person becomes seriously committed to following through an inspiration that can lead to progress through co-creation.

“If an individual receives the beautiful gift of inspiration, failing to appreciate the potential for good associated with it, the concept will either fail to ‘germinate’ in the higher mind of the recipient, or ‘lie dormant’ as a seed in the consciousness, provided one commits the concept to memory, placing sufficient importance on the idea to enable its activation at an opportune moment of expanded receptivity.

“Spiritual receptivity is the conscious desire and soul-nourishing state of mind associated with the willingness of an individual to serve, enrich, advance, enlighten or conscientiously contribute to culture. Active spirit receptivity serves as impetus to move the individual to alleviate suffering or participate in the rectification of unfairness in a social group, institution, association or system.

“Advancement of culture depends upon spirit-receptivity and selfless aspiration of individuals, internally motivated by the will of the Thought Adjuster, spirit-leadings of Mother Spirit and the moral authority invested in the heart and mind by the Creator Son. He works tirelessly as a Parent and through his Spirit of Truth to ‘awaken’ his evolutionary children to their spiritual responsibilities including brotherhood, attunement to and relationship with the Thought Adjuster. Honest effort to communicate always results in a positive response from the indwelling Spirit. The Soul-Parent waits patiently for any sincere effort on the part of their host to connect with the impeccable, loving and divine thought, and benefit from their wisdom.

Every invention inspired in man’s mind, spirit-led and pioneered, can be viewed as ‘a vehicle that can be driven with intention and steered in the direction of the Creator’s will’. Responsible use of inventions with establishment of intelligent laws and conventions, elevates life’s quality, enriches culture, serves the needs of all and satisfies the collective desire to thrive, not simply survive. As a matter of fact, individuals can choose to act to misuse invention, causing harm and ‘raising an alarm’ to society. Therefore it’s prudent to ensure protective and preventive measures are taken in the form of enforceable legislation. Parents, teachers and care-givers need to provide rules for responsible use of all inventions, devices, instruments and vehicles including communication tools.

“Seemingly insoluble problems which mortals face can be resolved, when restrictive and limited thought processes are suspended with conscious clearing of mindspace accompanying an authentic request for insight. A portal is opened allowing illumination, but does not always come in the ‘form’ that is expected, or without elimination of fallacious assumption. Help is always given as ‘consultation space’ is made available and the intellect turned over to be divinely steered and driven.”

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

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