Urantia, August 29, 2014.
Teacher: An Unknown Paradise Finaliter.
Subject: “A Hidden Brilliance.”

Received by Lytske.

Finaliter: “Do bravely set one foot in front of the other and walk into this brand-new day on Urantia. You just never know what this day may bring. You are, however, getting used to the idea that the time has come to allow the Spark of the Ultimate Creator to have a say in all your plans. You have also begun to marvel at the fact that with your Thought Adjuster’s leadings, you get much more done in your days. It feels so very different to you to experience a soul-satisfying day, because you are learning to allow the Spark from God within to help you to control your thoughts.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be able to ‘soar in your mind’ and discover newly forming thoughts that you did not know existed. The words from olden teachings are coming to mind that the least among you shall be raised high, and the high among you shall be brought low. This all pertains to spiritual development and it is not such a bad thing that humans are raised among the least, so they have more time to develop their inner brilliance without a thought to hidden agendas.

“They are the pure of heart which shall see the most Brilliant Being, who continues to eternally bestow from His brilliance over all evolving creation on the worlds of space and time. This hidden brilliance is for each evolving creature to discover. However, those who only busy themselves with material concerns, and usually have their minds focused on their ‘money god’, will show very little of their brilliance when they exchange their foundational earth-life for the ever-lasting life in eternity.

“Different levels of action and learning will be provided in eternity to increase a creature’s brilliance, which serves to glorify the Giver of these seeds of brilliance. It is by pulling yourselves up by your boot-straps, and practicing the fruits of the spirit, that you discipline your selves towards self-mastery. What you overcome in your foundational life will help you in moving ahead of the pack.

“There is so incredibly much to be discovered, and I know whereof I speak having at one time, a very, very long ago, been a mortal like yourselves, but I finally finished my training in discovering my own brilliance and was able to stand in the presence of All Brilliance, earning my admission into the ‘Corps of Finaliters’. Still, even I have not yet reached the pinnacle of my personal brilliance, for there is far more to be encountered.

“The Infinite Creator is continually providing new adventures for those who shall discover and attain the Source of all Brilliance, and also for those who have attained this most mysterious Brilliance.

“Do know that this lowly planet, which once hosted the Ruling Brilliance of this local universe, shall attain the most brilliant diadem in the crown of ten million inhabited planets. This is its ultimate reward despite what is being done to her at the present time. She, who at this time suffers much at the hands of puny humans, shall long after the present civilization has been brought low, indeed be raised high, to learn anew that God’s Law of Love and perfection shall ever prevail.”

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