Illawarra District, Australia, July 22, 2014.
The Scribe of Damascus.
Subject: “Evolutionary Progress” (shortened transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

George: “A time may well arrive when you introduce yourself as the Damascus Scribe and folks will enquire as to where Damascus could possible be in that place of all desert, ruin and radioactivity.”

The Scribe: “My views are well known about the approaching signs of all-out warfare, for they are on a par with the feelings of the Creator-Father from whose bosom I hail. At this time we are contemplating some universal laws and rules of celestial behavior that do not quite measure up to the regulations as portrayed in the Urantia Papers. It must be understood that during the mid-1980s a dispensation did come about. However, certain seeming exceptions to universal laws have a long, long history of occurring and recurring.

“Apart from your having more freedom in your communication between planets since this new minor dispensation, there were always the events you may call potential disturbances to the “Flow of Life” — those events foreseen to have a likely long-term negative effect upon human progress on the evolutionary worlds. Direct action may be taken and human actors may be directed to alter an otherwise unprofitable outcome. Always bear in mind that the Creator-Father runs all worlds.

“Since the 1980s there has certainly been a great deal more freedom— especially in communication. And yet the majority of these events have been standard exceptions to primary rules of which you had no awareness. The unusual experience that was brought to your attention may well have its basis in the (Progress list) subscriber’s personal needs — important advice for her future or safety. The information could have been a reward of a kind, something she deserved. Perhaps someone near her needed it. It happens.

“Perhaps the ‘Flow of Life’ and a great number of outcomes needed to be ‘made safe’ — for future events to unfold as needed. Possibly your subscriber is rather fearless, has an open mind and likely will become a great helper to her Guardians. And, my friend, perhaps there was a combination of these needs and/or opportunities that were to be achieved. There is little in this world that can be said to be a random occurrence, for all is foreknown and anything at all can be tweaked to suit the “Flow of Life.”

“A welcome 1980s dispensation, though minor, brought you some changes that made your Urantia Book a tiny little bit outdated. It did not make it wrong. Oh no — just not quite up to date, because of these new inter-planetary freedoms to be experienced and myriad previously unreported minor universe rules and laws.

“I am the Damascus Scribe who leaves you his love.”

Note: A struggling 11:11 subscriber, Jessica, writes about a neighbor instructing her where to go to make an important real estate sale. Jessica indeed made her rather urgently needed sale, but the neighbor does not now remember having given such advice — any word on advice!

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