Illawarra District, Australia, October 5, 2014.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Dispensations, Teachers and Wider Responsibilities.”
(A much shortened transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Today, Aaron and I will be talking to you both about dispensations. What is a dispensation? A dispensation is a moment in time, or a period of time, during which a rule may be dispensed with, or during which a privilege may be awarded. Your “Urantia Book” tells you clearly that once you make your way to the Mansion Worlds, you are not permitted to return to Earth. That is a definite universe rule or law for all mortals on the planet. However, should this rule be rescinded, this would constitute a dispensation – an exception.

“Unlikely as this is to actually come about – even for one single common mortal to return to Earth – it would amount to an important dispensation. (the receiver mumbles something) And, no, I can’t see it either, but this is our hypothetical event, merely portraying the principle of exception. We are looking at it today from the point of view of what such a personal allowance could do for an individual. We are here interested in the process of sending and receiving messages between Teacher and receiver. At first, most of the hard work is left to the Helper, frequently a Midwayer Intermediary.

“As the human contact personality becomes more and more proficient at accepting the heart-sent information, Midwayer and Teacher can become a little more relaxed in the task of projecting their word-for-word messages. Soon they can move towards “infusing” lengthy, detailed concepts into their student’s mind, for the human to build the appropriate sentences. Eventually, it is hoped, they will find their beloved student ready, willing and courageous enough, to take all celestial dictation from his or her Thought Adjuster.

“There is nothing new about these methods. Under the leadership of Machiventa Melchizedek, of Abraham’s days, aided by loyal Primary Midwayers, and the likes of ABC-22, and his brothers and sisters, they performed such tasks with the earliest of the Delphian Oracles. Some of Jesus’ apostles and early Christian priests managed to produce their sermons in this way. Even the Andite, Ionah, as was made clear to you, enjoyed excellent communication with his learned Teachers, from his departure in Japan to his arrival in South America.

Aaron: “This is Aaron. Some receivers may never connect with their Thought Adjusters and some will connect after just a few “false starts.” All are different. There is the widest of variety in method and suitability, but there isn’t a thinking person lacking in potential of some spiritual connectivity during the present and latest dispensation. To the Teachers, and along the way, their Helpers – Midwayers and Angels – are given the tasks of enticing students to widen their responsibilities and share the good news messages all around.

“Samuel and I leave you now. We carry your pictures in our minds and our love for you all in our hearts. It is good to visit with you.”

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