Illawarra District, Australia, October 8, 2014.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Enlightenment and the Morontia Mind.”
(Part One — The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits)

Received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “We will discuss Enlightenment and the Morontia Mind between us this evening. It will constitute a suitable follow up on our talk of just a few days ago. I am the Scribe of Damascus, the now personalized Fragment of the Father that guided the Master Jesus during His short, but eventful bestowal upon this planet. I am a Teacher, still, to many friends of many spheres. We shall begin, my students, by briefly considering the Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits.

“They are called the Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits because they are spirits who, all seven, impact upon the human mind (at most, only five impact upon animal minds).

  • First to arrive and make itself available is the Spirit of Intuition, essential for the survival chances of the very young in sensing at the primitive level good from bad, differentiating safe from dangerous, right from wrong.
  • The Spirit of Understanding, next up, is the spirit of quick reasoning, quick judgment and decision about how to act or respond.
  • The Spirit of Courage can be made to dwell on the task before next engaging with its subject. It can take time before its subject decides between shyness and bravery.
  • The Spirit of Knowledge now brings curiosity, the urge to step out and experience. It needs the association of the Spirit of Courage and also the next Adjutant Mind-Spirit.
  • The Spirit of Counsel, which next awakens the need to socialize amongst one’s peers, to cooperate, to organize and to reach out.
“When these five of the seven Adjutants are fully “accepted” and functioning, it is time for the sixth and seventh of the Mind-Spirits — the Spirits of Worship and Wisdom — to arrive in that order. It defines the human as being capable of evolving beyond the level of the smartest of animals and as a potential Paradise pilgrim. I want you to clearly see the Worship and Wisdom Adjutants as “non-identical siblings.” These two Adjutants rather “belong in each other’s regular company,” more so than the others, although Wisdom is the crowning champion of the seven, of morality and much, much more.

“Here we have arrived at a balanced, positive, surviving and thriving human being. So where does he or she go from here? There are just two ways to progress from here — the potential evolution of true enlightenment or the rare degeneration of a failing human mind.”

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