Alberta, Canada, June 20, 2013.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Sincere Inner Listening — an Activity of Discipline and Dignity.”

Received by Renée.

Thought Adjuster: “Let us begin by acknowledging the need for discipline without attaching any presumptions or negative connotations to the word. A human being requires the guidance of leadership and the highest leadership comes from within for doing the Will of the Indwelling — the Thought Adjuster. The embryonic soul, present from birth, with the acceptance of the Adjuster at the first morally significant selfless decision, requires the leadership of the Adjuster, moment-to-moment, day-to-day. Unqualifiedly important to this process of soul growth is the willingness and receptivity of the human free-will personality to listen and act, based on the recommended choice of the Indwelling Adjuster. The Adjuster’s choice is the highest, most ethical and responsible decision.

“Without question, the Indwelling Spirit knows the best, most helpful, and supremely just decision to make in any given situation.

“Christ Michael and Mother Spirit are conscious of all indwelt and pre-indwelt children in the local universe and they make efforts to personally connect with each individual at opportune moments, when the individual experiences the beautiful pangs of sincere heart-felt desire to have a relationship and connectivity with their Spirit Parents.

“Awareness of this spiritual family and community of spirit expands and heightens as the individual makes the conscious decision to allow the indwelling Adjuster more space and unhindered access to the higher Morontia Mind. The dedication and discipline of prayerful meditation allows the investment of spiritizing forces, light and insight at these sacred times.

“Freely offered cooperation usually eventuates into accelerated personality advancement. Opportunities for alignment and attunement to the highest individual life plan present themselves. The individual is tempted by the hungry infant soul within to cooperate with Spirit, and to actively co-create and participate in the advancement of the consciousness of the indwelt species of the planetary sphere. The evolutionary “victor” is the species that is collectively challenged to elevate to Christ Consciousness. Eventually, all individual persons on an advanced Planet will accept from a very young age that they all are evolutionary children of the Creator and cosmic citizens at their first stage of development.

“The inner listening discipline of which we speak is an activity that engenders a real feeling of dignity and demonstrates a service attitude, founded on the need to feed the young soul and growing personality with quality experiences to apply the Power invested in them for good and to uphold the principles of brotherhood. Sincere receptivity is an essential element for successful attainment of the highest individual life plan and necessary for the harmonization and coordination of the service-work within the family of Lightworkers — both human and celestial.

“This serves to advance the Will of the Creator Son and His staff, who are always dedicated to the evolution of culture to Light and Life and to an enlightened planetary culture supporting the values of spiritual laws, what has been termed “sustainability” at this juncture on Urantia. The Urantia Book Revelation and the Correcting Time, the myriad Celestial Teachers, the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, the rehabilitation of all Midwayers and Angels, and the coming Magisterial Mission, are all deity prerogatives initiated by Michael and upheld by the Paradise Creator of all!”

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