Alabama, US of A, August 17, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “News and Information.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How is it possible that the media has the power to decide what you should be worried about and what is important? Due to the business model of the news corporations, they know that bad news sells best. A public that is afraid is a captive audience to the media. It is not a mystery to these organizations that during times of crisis people pay more attention to the news.

“For this reason, when there are no natural disasters, the media has to come up with artificial disasters to keep the interest of its audience. The world is always at the brink of global collapse. There is always a new enemy somewhere in the world that could affect our personal safety. There is always a new scandal that should be brought to light. It is no wonder that most of the population is under the impression that day-by-day this world is getting worse.

“Now consider what would be the role of the media in a world established in Light and Life. When wars and power struggles are ancient history, what would the news shows, radio, television and the internet report? In such a world only natural crises would be relevant — hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. The media would be a service to keep people informed about real situations that could affect their well-being. The second main function for the media would be to distribute information about new discoveries and ideas to improve human knowledge.

“A media that plays these two roles would indeed be performing an educational and much-needed function in a material world. This would be a function that really contributes to the development and progress of a civilization by making sure that the best of human thought finds its way to the minds and hearts of all. This is the role that communication media should aspire to in a mature world.

“You have been conditioned to believe that you have to be informed, as if it were a matter of life or death. However, nothing is being said about the quality and relevance of such information. In reality your life is in the hands of your Father. Nobody can take it away from any of you, unless you decide to renounce it. So why would you want to be aware of so much bad news? Why would you be so concerned?

“Sometimes the reality of this world has very little to do with the personal reality of a human being who trusts in a good and loving Father and considers himself or herself to be a true child of this Father. Everything you need for eternal life has been given to you already and nobody can take it away. Live your life with faith, courage, enthusiasm and hope, leaving the outcome in the hands of God. As long as you are trying to reach perfection with all your heart, you will be contributing in a positive way to your family, your community, your nation and your civilization.

“Rid yourselves of that heavy load of concerns and anxieties promoted by external agents and rest in the Source of all life and all knowledge that already dwells within your heart. This is the prelude to true freedom.”

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