Alabama, US of A, August 19, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A New Way of Thinking”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When human beings leave aside the desires of the ego and start to perform their actions for the good of their peers this world will enter an age of renaissance and progress that has never been seen on this sphere. The human experience today is one of competition, a way of seeing the world in which there is scarcity of resources and they can’t be enjoyed by all. This way of thinking implies that the success of one must mean the failure of others and the privileged position of a minority is only possible at the expense of the majority.

“This ancient way of thinking should be replaced by a new way of appraising reality. The reality of a world that aspires to light and life is that the resources of the planet are for all. The success of each member of civilization is success for all. Each person who achieves his or her goals ceases to be a problem and becomes part of the solutions that improve the world as a whole.

“In this new way of thinking it is evident that any effort to help your neighbors achieve the higher desires of their souls — those desires of eternal value inspired by the Divine Presence — are wise investments that will contribute to the benefit of all, even your own. Thus you will start to realize that we don’t help our brothers and sisters because it is the right thing to do or because these are the ‘rules’ of the universe. We help our siblings because it makes sense. It is logical. It is wise.

“You can start today to reap the benefits of this new way of living. Personal and collective success should be promoted and all possible help and inspiration must be provided to those who need it. Your brother’s success is also your success and any improvement you make to the world today will be the gifts you will leave for your children tomorrow. Realize once and for all that in reality it is very little you need to live a fulfilling life and this planet already has plenty for all. You just need to learn how to better distribute your resources.

“If you adopt this philosophy of success and learn to truly share, you will be able to manifest heaven on earth. Even to satisfy your valid needs of pleasure and recreation you don’t need much. There are individuals who have accumulated more goods than many nations in your world. This reflects a great disparity in the distribution of resources and also the degree to which those souls have sacrificed their own freedom enslaving themselves under the yoke of material wealth.

“Understand once and for all that many among you have not enough to live, only because a few among you have more than what they really need. You have devised communist systems that mainly distribute poverty. It is time to come up with a better system where the wealth is shared and equality among people is the main goal. The resources of a planet belong to all those who live on it. You are all part of the same family — the children of the Celestial Father — and all of you have the right to enjoy your divine heritage.”

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