Urantia, November 2, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Your Weight on the Scales of Life.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “You are beginning to vaguely realize what a precious gift it is to be able to listen to the Spark from God within. With this Gift from God you are also starting to recognize the inalienable truth that all thinking humans have the same potential for making contact with their own Guiding Light within. The true awesomeness of this mysterious conversation in some human minds might even now still be misconstrued as one being ‘off-balance’ or ready to be diagnosed for mental illness.

“It is my purpose to put both these troubling imaginings to rest as so many mysteries will be laid to rest when increasingly more discoveries are made about possibilities discovered in the human mind. Suffice it to say, your scientists are barely out of the starting gate. However, once they become serious about the true significance of the creative potentials the eternal Creator in His almighty wisdom has bestowed upon all evolutionary developments, ample respect will be accorded the infinite potential conferred upon the human mind.

“And yet, not until after the respect for creative evolution is widely accepted and appreciated on this backward planet will human responsibility for true progress be acknowledged. A potential for progress has been given to each human being and this will definitely need to be answered once you humans exchange your mortal temples for your eternal habiliments. No one can escape observing his or her ‘scales of rules’ that carry the weight of their life’s work. To which side will these scales tip?

“Have you been able to fulfill in some small measure your divine blueprint of life, eternal seeded in you at birth? Throughout life there are many ways and avenues in which you can either enrich or impoverish yourselves, for another gift is your God-given free will to make your personal choices. Anyone who purposefully meddles with the free will of others might well come up empty-handed in their scales of rules, for there will be very little in the way of spiritual substance to carry them forward onto the next level.

“I am obviously sounding a warning here, for it is never too late to start living by the golden rule of doing unto others, as you yourself would like to be treated. The scale of each individual life will always be an individual responsibility. Everyone has been given according to their capacity to live a godly life. You are all called out from the dust of your planets to fulfill your individual blueprint. Therefore it is also your responsibility to choose wisely.

“Yes, trial and error are part of life for this is how you humans learn to live a responsible life to the fullest of your capacities. And so, willful negative decisions ought to be so rectified that the scales of life will carry more weight on the positive side. Your Spirit within is unerringly reliable and will always point you in the right direction as soon as you display a willingness to listen to your Inner Guidance. Do not spurn the Still Voice within; it is there to help you Godward.”

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