Alabama, US of A, August 30, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Forgetting the Self”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “By forgetting the self, human beings can function from a higher level. When your actions stop being motivated by your desires for material rewards or glorification, the fruits of the spirit will express themselves freely through you, without doubt or inhibitions of any kind. Ironically, those who learn to forget their selves acquire the potential to become truly noteworthy, because their spirit — their true self — starts to become more visible in their lives.

“The search for glorification can become a hidden agenda. When those mortals who secretly desire to be glorified do something, invariably others will notice a hidden motivation, and suspicion will arise toward them. When someone offers you something that is new for you and you discover that the person is expecting something in return, naturally your doubts arise. On the other hand, when someone offers advice or help and you perceive there is no other intention behind this, it becomes easier for you to follow the advice or to accept the help.

“This is the reason why Jesus had such a great influence over His peers. The total sincerity and purity of His intent was self-evident to those who benefited from His ministrations. When somebody received Jesus’ advise, recommendation, teaching, or even scolding, His words were easier to accept when the person understood without a doubt that the purpose was to do something good for him or her.

“Many of you aspire to achieve this level of purity of intent and it is indeed possible. Cultivate true humility, which is not the false humiliation of the self, but not feeling the need to be exalted. You are a true child of God. What other honor would you rather place upon yourself? What could be greater or better? Those who achieve a true and refreshing forgetting of their selves don’t do it as a sacrifice, but as the result of knowing that the Father presence is within each one of you and this makes you unique and glorious, with the potential for perfection.

“Forgetting your self is not self abandonment, it is rather a higher way to consider your existence and your intrinsic value — a value so evident, it has no need to be recognized. Forgetting the self in reality is to remember what you really are — beings created in the image and likeness of the Creator.”

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