Northamptonshire, UK, June 29, 2010.
Divine Self through Green Tara.
Subject: “The Beauty of it All.”

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Divine Self: “Any which way you turn, you will see wonders if your eyes but allow you to see.

“There are amazing sights in every moment of this world, in every space and in every time.

“The opening of your heart to another is one of these moments, and it should be embraced regardless of the possibilities of its outcome, without being encumbered by misgivings or thoughts of how the future will unfold.

“It is a moment that is special, and you should sit in each moment and embrace the beauty of it all alongside the beauty of yourself.

“When you are feeling buoyed by spirit then those are moments in which you can decide to make change, to make love to yourself and to the world around. It is through this outpouring of love from beings into their surroundings that mass change can occur.

“Be still little mouse, and rest in me.”

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