Michigan, US of A, December 14, 2014.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “This Feeling is your Heart-Space”

Received by Chris Maurus.

Ophelius: “Today, my dear friends, I would like to lead you and prepare you for stillness meditation and get you into your ‘heart-space,’ for this is where you meet with your Spark from God and where the soil of the soul is most fertile and ready to receive the divine vibrations of the Parent/Child relationship. To move into this ‘heart-space’ requires that you prepare your heart and mind for a connection between you and your Indwelling Spirit, and so your intention shall be to open up this conduit and allow the divine flow of love to move in two directions — love coming in, and love going out. This flow of energy (love) is the medium through which divine communication travels — it is instantaneous, it is clear, and it is encrypted with your own soul signature and free from all outside interference — consciousness connecting to Consciousness.

“It is important to know that two-way communication requires that both parties speak the same language, and to have a meaningful conversation, you will need to understand your relationship with the other. Realize that your life and experiences are a co-creative partnership and that you play a vital role in this relationship. You are never to think of yourself as something ‘lowly’ and unworthy — you are a full partner with the freedom and privileges to choose your own path and create your life as you will. Think about your own consciousness — that you have been given a life, an identity, a personality, and the ability to create anything in your mind because you are a full partner in this relationship with God. In this respect, you are ‘god-like’ — you are a creator.

“As a co-creator, you may now create the conduit for your communication. Position yourself in a comfortable place — a quiet place, a place where you are free from distraction or outside interference. Focus your awareness on your heart — feel your heart beat inside your chest. Imagine a light-shaft emanating from your heart going up through the top of your head and connecting with a great sphere of light just above you — this is your Spark from God — your Divine Operator who will then connect you with the Universal Father on Paradise. Imagine the word ‘love’ in the center of your heart, and with each breath, move that word up the light-shaft to your Divine Operator. See it in your mind — the word love refreshes itself with every breath and moves up the pipe. Now, what does the word ‘love’ mean to you in this moment? Don’t think about it with your head, but ‘feel’ it in your heart. This ‘feeling’ is your heart-space!

“Once you have opened up your heart-space, I want you to imagine another conduit open within the light-shaft where the word ‘love’ moves down into your heart from your Divine Operator. As love moves up from your heart, love also flows down from the heart of God into you. This love flowing down is divine, it is pure, and it is truly unconditional. All of who you are is open to the light and you trust and are willing to merge with the light and be of one heart and one mind. Say it in your mind, ‘Let us be of one heart and one mind.’

“In this moment, the words ‘love’ you imagined going up and down the light-shaft transform into pure white light and now there is no separation or bidirectional flow of words, only pure white light — the connection is fused, solid, and the love energy has saturated the conduit — you are One in heart and mind with the Father. Stay in your heart-space and just ‘be’ — don’t think, just feel — breathe and let the love saturate your entire body. Feel the love that is you — the partner, the child, the One — receiving. Now imagine you are the Universal Father, receiving the love of his child, his co-creative partner, which came forth from Him and is a part of Himself. There really is no separation, only unity, only ‘Oneness.’

“Stay in this relationship of love and ‘feel’ your connection.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” — Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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