Illawarra District, Australia, December 11, 2014.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Personality, Positive Motivation and Soul Growth.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “I only just thought of you and you are here!”

Mentor: “Our greetings. Whilst you do not know my name and even now you no longer recall if we, your Mentori friends, are a group of five, seven or nine, your message reached our minds the very moment you thought of the lessons I presented you with in the past. There is an ‘attunedness’ between us, I dare mention, which ‘holds us in touch’ with each other. Does this mean that we, Mentori, foresee your wishing to communicate with us? Generally we do not, but when any of us do foresee such, there always is a Thought Adjuster involved.

“In order to comprehend the attunedness that you and I have, you need to allow for the Morontia Mind to have its characteristics and difficult-to-understand idiosyncrasies. The important factors about attunedness on an evolutionary world and for its human population is Personality, Motivation and Soul Growth. These three necessarily positive qualities are what attracted your Teachers to you in the first place. Often a group of Teachers, such as we are, are appointed by our Melchizedek elders to teach certain types of students.

“A part of Morontia Mindedness is this ability to instantly prompt over untold millions of miles one’s Teacher or student. You are requested to document this later as we now move to clarify how success and failure fit in with doing the will of the Father Creator. When motivation is positive — let’s say for the good of all others — one’s effort might well produce success and such is greatly heartening on your world. To the Creator Father of all, as to your Michael Son, it is merely the intent and effort that count. Success or failure cannot at any time alter intent. Intent and effort are all that counts.

“Energy expended for a cause for good and for many others, whether it is successful or not, is of vital importance to bringing you Soul Growth. And Soul Growth is the all-important reason why you are here on this world.

Note: The Mentor’s talk is directed at a questioning 11:11 Progress Group subscriber now.

Mentor: “You are young, you have many years ahead of you and your project is a good one. You also have a great likelihood of succeeding in your quest. You need to, however, remember that worthwhile undertakings are always reminisced about, and in time unknown others may therefore carry on with your mission.

“Many like you, I say young man, have had in the past and will have in the future, partners involved in this very endeavour. Be well.

“We are a group of nine Celestial Teachers of diverse births or creation. We are Melchizedek-trained. We are Mentori. I say Adieu.”

Receiver’s note: The young subscriber (D) is doing his bit for world peace with the use of social media, but going through a period of uncertainty and great doubts about his likely success.

Mentori are groups of Teachers with various students.

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