Alabama, US of A, September 21, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Two Different Objectives”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In this world, mortals seem to be motivated by two different objectives. The first one is to be outstanding, to be raised above their peers, to be recognized by their efforts or their talents. The second objective is to find their place within their group, to belong, to find where they can contribute. Many times the first path makes the second one impossible and many mortals choose the path that potentially leads to their becoming important, forgetting about being useful or productive, thus limiting their creative impulses and increasing their dissatisfaction.

“Now that some light has been shed on this issue you can start to take the steps to improve. Accept once and for all that gaining praise from your peers will not really make you feel better, more valuable, or more loved. You are already great in the eyes of your Father. You are unique and loved beyond measure. You have no control over the way in which others may see you, but you have complete control over the way in which you see yourself.

“Learn to derive satisfaction from your contributions and know that when you do something creative that benefits someone you are indeed doing something good for humanity, for your world and for the universe. Your Father in heaven knows your true motivations and desires and He feels joy for each accomplishment and each contribution you make in harmony with His will, because through these co-creative efforts you are helping Him create a reality that is increasingly more perfect.

“Find your place in the world where you can contribute and be useful. Invest in love and joy in your tasks, because the rewards of eternity will be yours. Teach your children that it is good to make an effort to help others, to search for solutions to the problems of the world and to give a helping hand wherever it is needed — within your circles of influence. Don’t teach them that there are conditions to receive your love and care. Instead try to instill in them the joy of achieving good things, knowing that what they have done brings happiness to others.”

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