A Lesson on Practicing the Presence

Urantia, June 26, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Practicing the Presence.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “In the many lessons discussed so far, I have spoken about going within – into the inner chamber of your heart – to make our connection. Actually you need to merely just sit with a devoted heart waiting before Me. It is within your own holy of holies where I reside, and wait oh so patiently for you to take the time and give Me your full attention. With this I mean that you can also feel Me in the holy hush enveloping you. When this happens you have attained a growing awareness of Me. I desire for you to become more sentient of My existence in your comings and goings. And so you will literally be practicing the Presence of Me in an increasingly greater awareness and greater understanding. Misconceptions, now rampant on the planet, would lessen considerably.

“I am aware of the fact that the humans on this planet lead increasingly busy lives with all the manifold temptations to keep Me away from you, even in your casual thoughts. I desire to see changes, with mortals on this planet beginning to practice a higher level of thought and level of being, of which you are all truly capable. This would be practicing the Presence through increasingly becoming aware of contact with the Spark of God within. Your belief and trust in an unseen Deity would be so re-enforced that your faith and trust would increase exponentially. Untold benefits would accrue for you, not in the least in increasing physical health because of the inner peace you would have attained. Your demeanor would change because of a greater awareness of My leadings, of My influence in your living a better and more satisfying life.

“Truly, the planet would be so much better off if all inhabitants would wake up to the reality of the Fatherhood/Motherhood of God and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of humankind. This is the idea I would have you entertain in your minds. What this would mean in all your relationships is that you would recognize a brother or a sister in each other, because you all have the same root-cause of existence. It would mean no more wars, no more killing or maiming of innocent human beings. Let all confusion vanish from your mind. Let all the erroneous and morbid thinking that war is the doing of God’s will stop here and now. You even go as far as to think that God is on your side!

“God is on no one's side in war and never has been despite what your olden records say to that effect. These are all fabrications of the human mind to make one race feel superior to another. It is downright despicable to paint such a picture of an unconditionally loving Creator God. It is when you start practicing the presence of God that you will gain a far greater understanding of what it is God desires from you – to recognize that you are all equal in His eyes, and that everyone is equally loved no matter what gender, race, creed or color. This is a requirement when practicing the Presence. It is living the golden rule which is typical to all religions: To treat each other, as you would like to be treated. This rule is worthy of contemplation and of putting it into practice. Let each thinking man, woman and child become conscious of this rule, and the world will become a safer and more joyful place to live in.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


Of Tolerance and Patience – Part 2

Illawarra District, Australia, August 3, 2012.
Mentori (outspoken) Spokesperson.
Subject: “Of Tolerance and Patience” – Part 2.

Received by George Barnard.

Mentori Spokesperson: “Indeed my new friend, I am back, and let us agree that my message of just yesterday had not come to an end. It is clearly understood that whilst you long ago agreed to entertain all celestial Lecturers for their messages, you may be selective about the subject matter imposing upon your patience, free-will choice or notable interest. (receiver says to go ahead) This is still your Correcting Time, hardly begun, and a great distance in time away from the ‘first green sprouts’ of the era of Light and Life’s beginning.

“There is a need for you to understand all the ins and outs of what needs to be corrected for Light and Life to be heralded from on high. However, let me assure you that your need to mature as a common people, and an even more common leadership, both east and west, has taken on the level of extreme urgency. Grow up, I say, and stop believing your own lies. It is understood by an ever-growing number of people who think beyond the box that your so-called terrorist groups are likely to contain a preponderance of freedom fighters.

“It then also stands to reason that the ‘benevolent occupiers’ could be seen as being the terrorists. You have a long way to go, Urantia, before in all honesty you can declare in front of your mirrors that you minister to your neighbor as you yourself would prefer to be treated. A time is now approaching when more and more, yes millions, of His children find themselves disenfranchised, in poverty, homeless, hungry even starving – men, women and children – as those who have it all through financial wizardry take home the prizes of theft.

“There will be those that are left behind in their understanding of mutual responsibilities, the stragglers and task-shirkers that believe all is fine when they are fine. They will be awakened but perhaps only ‘at the dusk of redemption time’. There will be those that are the instigators of their brothers’ and sisters’ tribulations, misfortunes and suffering, heard to utter, ‘My God, my God, had I but taken notice of the still Voice within me gifted from above, directing me to apply my talents to the welfare of others and not my insecurity and greed.’

“Others will come in a time of great energy, intelligence, invention and cooperation. Some from your races, you call the prophets of the future, some from higher realms will be there, and they will say, ‘Where can we help? What are your needs? What will you learn from the One who set these universes in motion?’ That is when your tribulations will have come to an end. That is at last when time of Light and Life has begun.

“I am the outspoken Mentor.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


A Lesson About the Path to Perfection

Alabama, US of A, January 5, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson About the Path to Perfection.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is always a good idea to go within yourself to search for ‘divine inspiration’. Human beings often prevent themselves from having a more intimate relationship with the Father by searching for Him only when they are in trouble, or at prescribed times.

“In truth, our Father, through the Thought Adjuster, is always available to His children. Those who have a religion, based on fear and dogma, search for the Father as little as possible. They only do so when their beliefs or traditions require it. To them coming to the Father is an obligation, a duty they should perform to avoid his wrath, or to satisfy some established requisites. These mortals don’t enjoy an authentic religious experience, and they don’t really know God. They are the ones who will have to make a lot of adjustments in the Mansion worlds when they face the fears and confusion they could not overcome in their mortal lives.

“Others, who by their own will and independently decide to search for God, understand more about the issue of the meaning of life and what lies beyond it. Many are brought to the threshold of true religion by their own initiative and their perspicacity following the impulses of their Adjusters. Others outgrow their religions of dogma, and have enough sense to keep exploring beyond the limits of tradition. And there are some who, when facing a crisis in their lives, are awakened into the reality that there is something else beyond material things. It is not important which route one follows to find God in their heart. Once they have tasted the living waters of a meaningful relationship with the Father, these thirsty souls can’t go back, and will want to keep drinking from that source, the origin of all things and beings – our Celestial Father.

“There are as many paths to the truth as there are creatures in the universe. All paths are personal and the Thought Adjuster provides the orientation to reach the final destination – Perfection of Being. What has occurred before today brought you to read these words and those experiences are valuable as long as they help you to become what your Father wishes for you. Continue exploring, growing and learning under the light of your own spirit who has descended from most high – from the source itself – to take you home.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


A Lesson on How to Love

Michigan, US of A, September 9, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “A Lesson on How to Love.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The lesson for today is about how to love. Many on your world are confused about this and have wrong ideas about what love truly is. The love the Creator has for you is divine and it is the kind of love that allows for complete freedom – free will. It is unconditional and demands nothing. God shares all, and He only gives as much love as you willingly allow, for there is no limit to His love for you – it is infinite and eternal. God’s love is patient and long suffering, for He is far seeing and knows the potential each of His children have to love and He provides the opportunities for you to grow into the reality of real love. How then is it that so many are confused about this and place so many constraints and conditions on how they love their fellows? The answer is simple. It is because they are willingly disconnected from the love of God.

“To know God is to know real love. The greater your connection to God, the more will you understand this love and assimilate that love in your relationships with others. Within each of you there is the potential to become a Finaliter – to ascend the heavens and to become like God, and when you reach this pinnacle of reality, you will know how to love as the Creator loves. As we all live and move and have our being in God, the entire cosmos, as one organism, is evolving and moving toward perfection and this is known as ‘Light and Life.’

“Since we all have this potential to become perfect and to know ‘real’ love, what does it matter that we now hate, kill, cause strife, be fearful, be jealous, be possessive, be unkind, cheat, steal, and abuse? Will we eventually get to this place of real love? All these maladaptations and confusion we have about love has an exponential effect on the entire planet and human race, for each trespass we commit, causes a reaction to occur in the life of another, which in turn causes more misunderstanding and confusion in yet another, and so on and so forth. It causes an imbalance and a delay in the divine plan (Light and Life) and also a separation from the divine love that flows continuously from the Creator to the child. Inversely, when men and women learn to love and reflect the love of the Creator onto their fellows, this exponential effect works and moves creation forward toward perfection.

“The real danger to mortals is that the willing ‘disconnect’ caused by this confusion about love will become ingrained and they will continue to drift farther from reality (real love) to the point where they will have no part in the co-creation of the universes and may at some point willingly choose cessation of identity because they have hardened their heart to God’s love – and so, when a unique personality chooses this path, the entire creation will lose a unique aspect of creativity that can never again find expression in the divine plan. The creation must then adapt to this loss.

“My friends, the love of God flows continually down upon you. It is you who open the umbrella of confusion and shed this love away. Learn to love by allowing the Spirit of God who indwells each of you to teach you this ‘real’ way to love. There is only joy in this love. If you have not joy, then you have not love. Seek the way of love.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


A Lesson on Questions to Ask

Urantia, September 01, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Questions to Ask.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear child, to answer the questions you hold in your mind, I am telling you that I am the One who knows these questions before they form. I am the One who knows these questions before you even have a chance to formulate them. How do I know? It’s simple, because I am your Spirit-Self – a part of your potentially infinite self together with your soul. I am the One, who constantly searches your heart and tries to uplift the thoughts in your mind, so you can start living and acting from an ever higher level. This material life is so incredibly important, and yet it is being so thoughtlessly squandered on trivial and meaningless things. You as a species are incredible in the way you carry on.

“It needs to be more widely known how it is that the great and mysterious Creator, after having played a part in your creation together with your parents, gave you a part of Himself to indwell you, as soon as you could think properly and knew the difference between good and not so good, to deliberately chose the former. That very first moment of conscious choice signalled to God your readiness for the exalted Indweller to arrive. Your Thought Adjuster arrived at that very moment to permanently be with you as your Pilot Light to guide you over the shoals of evil and sin. Instructed to help prepare your mind for those things for which you are created, this heavenly Gift also brings into manifestation your precious capacity to think those thoughts which propel you heaven-ward.

“Asking the right questions of Me, will help you to grow in that heavenly direction. It is so very true, that the greatest, most important questions are never asked until the mind is more developed to ask them. In order for you to get to that point of progress, it needs quiet time preparation with Me, so you can get to know Me better. Also the questions asked ought never to be selfish curiosity questions, which help no one, least of all yourselves. We are in business together to help uplift this planet, which fell into sorry state due to the wilfully evil tendencies of certain rebellious celestials of the distant past; tendencies perpetuated by unthinking humans. It is a premier responsibility of each child coming into the world, to ask what it can do to leave this world a better place after the dissolution of his or her material temple. It is important to develop a living and growing connection with the All That Is, so you can increasingly live with greater love in your heart and greater understanding and tolerance.

“Even forgiveness will become second nature to you as you bear less grudges towards anyone who might wrong you. In truth, those who might act against you have simply not awoken to the reality of their higher selves, so they don’t know what they do. This is what your Master and Teacher said when He was nailed to a cross, ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’ This is the ideal way, to live life in such a way that you can discern their soul-self, which is usually crying out to be understood. Such a high level of understanding you can acquire by asking the right questions, and by living unselfishly and learning the way of love. Clear your mind of any negativity. Do not let negative thoughts get a foothold. These are a waste of precious time. This is self-discipline at the highest level and a joy to Me, your Indweller.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.