Mattawan, Michigan US of A, April 26, 2020.
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon.”

Message received by Vicki Vanderheyden.

Monjoronson: “In times like these when you find yourself functioning outside your usual routines, you may sense an unsettledness, a feeling that leaves you unable to relax. It is like you are in a continual state of anxiety, as if you’re on the edge of your seat, in fear of what waits for you around the corner. Indeed, many of you have experienced such disruptions to your lives and some now realize that even when events return you to a more normal way of living, that it will not be quite the same.

“May we remind you that though your life has been unseated, there are those aspects of living on this planet that always seem to remain the same. Each day when you awaken, the sun rises at its appropriate time just as it sets at the onset of night. You can count on the fact that whether it is a clear night or not, you are surrounded by countless heavenly bodies scattered across the sky. And each morning you will be greeted by life around you that springs into action following the very same planetary cycles that you do in your place on Earth. Whether it be the phases of the moon or the tides it creates, you begin your day, every day, by entering into a world of endless cycles that continue to inform you that a part of your life goes on in a predictable fashion with or without this crisis.

“We ask that you remind yourself of these parts of your life on this planet so that they may provide you with some form of consistent and tangible reality to hold onto. That every day, you can look outside yourself and count on the fact that there will be a horizon for you to view and that you can decide on what part of that horizon you wish to focus on. This is a part of your life that you can embrace, that can provide you with stability, continuity, security and relaxation.

“Those of you on the front line who find yourselves in a reality so different, that you have little time to ponder about anything else, will someday look upon these events as life altering. You will one day realize that the bonds you established with others at this time, will be lifelong. And wherever you are planted after these times, you will discover that you view yourself in a totally different light.

“If your current reality is one of such strife and such suffering that you lack the energy to barely lift your head, we remind you to keep your eyes on the horizon, for there will be something there that you can hold onto until life inevitably changes for you. And in less than a day’s time, if you maintain a healthy frame of mind, you will be reminded that there truly is something you can smile about and be grateful for.

“Wherever you may be, in whatever reality life has handed you, know that there we are watching over you, amazed at your courage and resilience and that we are here to remind you that wherever you are, you have purpose and value in your life. That in your place in time, you provide another with purpose and value as well, all of which contributes to the growth and evolution of this world. We commend you. We bless you and we will be there to support you wherever you may land.”

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I tell you clearly and plainly that no darkness can withstand
the focus of the Father’s light. – Monjoronson 11:11 Store