Illawarra District, Australia, March 29, 2012.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Of Genuine Request.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “Much is made of so-called psychic ability at your human level. However, someone considered most advanced by you, is viewed from our time-space reality as really only marginally ahead of the group. We, your long-lived, long-active, even hyper-active Midwayers talk of gifts, temporary grants, and celestial assistance, hardly ability.

“So let me qualify all this: Firstly, that psychic gift from above is rarely developed to its maximum, and in many cases it remains still-born, a mere potential, as it requires human belief in such a gift. As well, and secondly, as all events in time-space universes are foreseen, and all is possible, some of you may be gifted but for a time, a period, for a specific reason, yes, toward a particular function or goal.

“And beyond that occasion, or period, the gift, and that is what it is, is simply of no further use – there is no further need. The individual simply returns to a less inspired life. Thirdly, there are occasions when an individual is so positioned in a family, community, or nation that it becomes necessary to inspire that man, or woman, or child, to function, to serve, as the inspired one when the gift of a connection may virtually be absent.

“Many a Celestial, and foremost my Midwayer brothers and sisters, can attest to the hard work such circumstances bring in energy expended, when our involvement is thus required. You, who are involved with the psychic realm, our world, our reality, do see your connection to us as gifts rather than personal ability. That which portrays the psychic as a humble co-worker is greatly preferable to us all, rather than false pride so often portrayed.

“Moreover, it is profitable for all of you in meditation and visualisation to often recall, even be innately aware, that all psychic events, all messages from Celestial Teachers, all visions and déjà vu happenings are foreseen and overseen by your Thought Adjuster.

“Does it therefore not stand to reason that when you are about to meditate, or use your gift to do ‘a healing’, you request for the Father Creator to allow and to assist? When you do so as a matter of thoughtful routine, of genuine request, your clarity of perception will grow. Your Thought Adjuster and the Creator of All are One, and your genuine requests do resonate to the very center of Paradise.

“This is ABC-22. I bid you good day.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“Encourage your Children to Learn about God,
Your Scientist to Discover His Laws,
Your Travelers to Admire His Creation.
Now teach your Gifted Ones to hear His Words—
I am Athena, who loves you.”