Illawarra District, Australia, August 25, 2004.
Teacher Samuel.
Subject: "The Ego, an Essential Commodity."

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: "I want to talk with you today about language, and how over lengthy periods, at times quite short intervals, the meanings of certain terms and words tend to go through ‘concept changes.’ Yes. Your living languages do change, and individual words and terms can change, shift in meaning, to be understood as something different entirely. ‘Justice done’ is one such term.

"It is most often used in relation to appropriate punishment having been meted out, less often cited in cases of due rewards being granted, or wrongs that were done to someone being righted. This is Samuel, and the subject to be touched upon today deals with the Ego. The concept, ‘Ego,’ is one such term that has undergone this subtle shift in meaning, at least in common use. But there is nothing wrong with ego. It is in fact an essential commodity, and an integral part of the personality.

"The term, Ego, is generally viewed in a negative light-egotistical, a big ego-you know these terms. And where it concerned your ancient ancestors, "big egos" might well have made the difference between survival and extinction. Yes, ego plays its role in ‘survival of the fittest,’ if we can here borrow Darwin’s words, and ego is important to the individual, as well as to the family and even to the extended group.

"It is all throughout your terrestrial journey that ego plays an important role as a survival mechanism. Likewise is it essential in your ages upon ages of morontial (pre-spirit) lives, for it allows you to more clearly discern fairness. A more balanced ego will openly and honestly compare, ‘would this be fair to me, therefore might it be fair to another,’ as your free-will prerogatives will place you in positions of having to make bigger and more important decisions.

"All throughout your eternal career and unto Paradise will you be students at one stage, teachers at another, or both, simultaneously. It happens! And at all times must you treat another correctly, fairly and courteously, as you would wish to be treated by them. Without an ego that will constantly question, assess, "how would I feel in the other person’s place’ it would be obvious that one would frequently be unfair, discourteous, or act incorrectly.

"There is now no great secret about our projected function(s) in the outer universes as they come online and will be inhabited. Our function(s) there are hardly revealed, but certainly obvious. There, inevitably, you will be dealing with those much lower on the evolutionary rungs. Both, a clear memory of your terrestrial ‘moments,’ and a ‘shining’ and perfected ego will be essential.

"Ego is an indispensable ‘good-for-all-time’ Gift of your Creator Father, Who gives, and gives, and gives, more and more and more, and takes nothing away. It is a part of the personality that, like so many other personality aspects, must be honed till it is sharp, tuned till it rings true, shined till it glows. Let no one rob you of a balanced ego.

"This is Samuel of Panoptia, feeling evermore honored to be part of your 11:11 platoon. My love goes with you all."

George: "Thank you Teach."

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