How to Change the World

Alabama, US of A, September 17, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “How to Change the World.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “On this confused world it is sometimes hard to make out what is truly important. Should we work to rid this world of its evils? Should we spread the truth to help lost souls find their way? Should we fight against injustice and inequality? There are many problems and many areas that deserve the attention of those souls that have discovered life to be much more than pursuing their personal benefits. As well, there are those souls that are discovering within their being a great love for their peers.

“The purpose for each mortal has already been declared in the single exhortation the Father has offered to His creatures: ‘Be perfect as your Father is perfect’. This should be the first responsibility and concern of every human being. Success at this task practically guarantees happiness and satisfaction of the deepest desires of your being, not to mention that a life dedicated to the search for perfection and spiritual elevation will constitute a profoundly satisfying eternal success for a creature.

“Even when the problems of this world are numerous and the solutions may require several generations to become apparent, every human being on this world can start to enjoy the age of light and life within their own being, during his or her life. Michael of Nebadon lived His life like people live theirs on the worlds established in light and life, and He did this two thousand years ago, when the common level of civilization in some aspects was even more primitive and backward than it is at present.

“The solutions to the problems of this world are not really that complex. If the majority of human beings on Urantia decided to love each other like siblings in the universal family of God, all the wars, injustices, abuses, fears and inequalities would disappear almost immediately. This will only be possible when a large majority of the population is sincerely dedicated to spiritual elevation and the perfecting of their personalities.

“It is true that in order to see a change in your world you have to first manifest it in your individual life. When a human being understands and accepts the divine Will with all her heart she becomes a creative agent in the establishment of a new reality filled with beauty, truth and goodness. Certainly, you would be doing great things for this world if in your life you are becoming increasingly more like your Father, because you will start to express the fruits of the spirit and you will become one more channel for expression of His Divine Love.”

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