We Come in Peace

Oregon, US of A, February 1, 2017.
Unknown Teacher Group.
Subject: “We Come in Peace.”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher: “Dear child, as you ready yourself to receive higher teachings, the thought came to your mind that the Celestial Faculty of Teachers exudes peace.

“Not only, do we come in peace, but we also connect with you through the medium of peace. Therefore, to succeed in establishing this connection, you have to ‘appease’ your being at all its levels. Once it exudes its own quality of peace, it is oblivious of any interferences and distractions that would otherwise rudely interrupt our teaching session.

“Another mighty advantage of living in a state of peace is that you do not unnecessarily burn your precious life energies. Instead, you recharge your spiritual batteries by allowing Spirit and Its Helpers to dispense their precious spiritual nectars.

“Being in a peaceful state in the midst of busyness is becoming more and more godlike, as Peace is eternally the emotional state from which the infinite creative process occurs.

“Indeed, we come in peace, as our intentions are mainly to reveal to you incrementally Truth, Beauty, Goodness and their many combinations that disseminate Love at all levels of the human experience and more. The ‘peace that passes all understanding’ is not intellectual. Rather, it takes over your heart and shifts your whole being out of the states of restlessness and unsettledness that you frequently experience in your human experience. As you become more ‘peace-filled,’ the way you experience yourself undergoes a powerful metamorphosis and you unfailingly develop a greater appreciation for the emergence of your godlike personality. Indeed, it has to be born to peace, even though the birth pangs may appear less than peaceful.”

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