Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight.
From the Desk of George Barnard.

On one of my trips to the US (2000, 2001 and 2002) I met up with an unaffiliated Urantia Teachings based group on the US west coast, whose receiver of celestial messages is in my opinion beyond reproach in celestial communications on behalf of the group.

Through this receiver I spoke with Machiventa Melchizedek about our great shortage of Secondary Midwayers and I asked him to in some way make up the numbers to give us a full complement of 50.000 of those worthy planetary helpers. Our Planetary Prince answered that 150.000 were ready to begin working on Urantia and one of them was sitting on my knee as he spoke. Indeed! Months later, back in Australia, I met up with the fully acclimatised 3-foot-tall Secondary Midwayer Mathew, released from a larger, advanced world in Nebadon, to assist us on our planet.

The previous week it was made known to this west coast group that a Magisterial Son named Monjóronson (not Monjorónson, which would be wrongly accented) would come to this world. The following week when I had travelled to meet with the group, we spoke with Machiventa, as I already said, and also the Magisterial Son’s companion in the Urantia mission, who jokingly allowed us to call him, “George” . . . just for now.

“George” gave us all a good laugh, but perhaps he had his reasons to for a time keep his name to himself — maybe to not detract from the eventual mission of his senior, Monjóronson.

There were no ‘perhapses’ or even ‘maybes’ about the timing of the announcement. Firstly, the west coast group had one of the truest receivers that could be 100% entrusted with the news of the Magisterial Son without fudging the transmission through receiver’s doubts. Secondly, this group was a private concern, unaffiliated and most unlikely to widely make known the news about Monjóronson.

However, thirdly, 11:11 Progress already had a larger readers’ list than did any other organization and more importantly, the regular naysayers could not contradict any or all other readers on the 11:11 Progress list by being quoted on that list. Their input would have been censored and the celestials knew that.

Meanwhile, right now in 2017, people keep asking, “When will he be here?” It is this writer’s opinion that he is already here, finding his feet, making his connections and still awaiting for some years to come the ages-ago foreseen opportunity to take up his Paradise ordered position.

The writer is hardly the only one who is of that opinion.

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