About the Wise Dissemination of Truth

Oregon, US of A, May 15, 2017.
Unknown Teacher Group.
Subject: “About the Wise Dissemination of Truth.”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher: “Let us talk about the Need-to-Know Basis we take into account in our communications with all God-searching children. Indeed, as humanity evolves generation after generation, it is helped toward positive evolution through the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Yet, it is frequently very partial and incomplete, as well as rather flawed.

“Much has been distorted in your world due to lies, deception and misguided agendas. This is the reason why we have to fine-tune our guidance to the ever-changing needs of the world population. We bring higher truth, but we also have to establish a solid foundation for its universal reception. It has to stand on its merits. What I mean by that is that it has to be commensurate to the ‘need-to-know’ of the creatures. What good would it have done to the cavemen to know of the potentiality of solar power if they had not first discovered the most basic rudiments of building their own fires? This would have gone ‘over their heads’ by light years and by their inability to comprehend. It would have been discarded as most irrelevant and foreign to their then current reality — as it truly was.

“Indeed, dear ones, we too have to use our God-given discernment in our disbursement of Truth. There are many qualifiers for the reception of higher truth and this is the reason why time-lapses often occur between the questions asked and the forthcoming answers in order to prevent the sentencing to death of the well-intentioned messenger — as was done to Jesus who had incarnated to share liberating truth and model it for the benefit of humanity.

“Dear ones, by sincerely asking, you are setting in motion growth processes that will lead you to be receptive of the timely answers. Indeed, after the sincerity of your heart has been tested and validated, you will be deemed to be qualified and worthy of becoming the appreciative recipient of the precious feedback. By sharing it with others at the appropriate timing as well, you will contribute to the dissemination of these building blocks of truth upon which humanity will be able to stand and reach for more. This is the ascension process of humanity — the expanding group consciousness based on the personal expansion of many genuine and dedicated truth seekers.”

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