Be Passion-Driven!

Oregon, US of A, April 30, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Be Passion-Driven!”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Our God is a passionate God. What does that mean? Foremost, the Father is the Creator of All That Is and ever Will Be. The creative process will eternally be ongoing and you are invited to participate! Are you excited about it? Or are you lukewarm or even indifferent?

“You can only be a co-creator with the Father if you are ‘passionate’ about it. Indeed, passion is the most important element of creativity. For those of you who have hobbies and work on ‘pet projects,’ you have already discovered some areas within yourself where the fires of passion are burning. They are what drive you forward in the realization of your dearest dreams and visions.

“When you feel passionate about a cause or a project, you dedicate to it much time and energies to the point of losing interest in eating and sleeping, as your passion fuels your being with sustainable energy resources that were previously unrecognized and untapped. Passion is indeed a powerful driving force.

“Also, once you put the final touch on one of your co-creations, your being is flooded with joy and gratitude — especially if the outcome exceeds your original inner vision and expresses a breathtaking degree of beauty for all to behold and appreciate.

“Indeed, the Father is a passionate God and you are part of His passion. You are one among the bazillions of projects dear to His Heart — one of His priorities. Yet, He depends on your wholehearted cooperation to complete your creation. Indeed, you are in the works and your earthly life is a construction site where you all need to wear a hard hat to protect you from elements that could be hazardous to your development.

“Dear ones, become passionate about the masterpiece that you are co-creating with the Father — your own unique and original work of art — never to be replicated. By increasingly becoming ‘beauty-filled,’ ‘truth-full’ and good, you are adding amazing hues and vibrancy to the clay of your being. The day will come when it will be removed from the oven of your earthly life and exhibit a designer glaze that will bring forth amazing joy and gratification to the One spinning the Potter’s Wheel — the Maker of your being.”

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