Compassion — Innate and Learned

Illawarra District, Australia, August 14, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Compassion — Innate and Learned.” (much shortened).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Compassion is a gift that is bestowed upon you all and in varied measure by the Creator-Father of everything tangible and intangible. Compassion can be naturally present as a gift, innate to the personality you might call it, or it might be a learned behavior. The degree of innate and learned compassion vary greatly between personalities. As well, sometimes it is age-dependent and sometimes it is entirely missing. This frequently indicates an aberrant or deviating personality.

“Those who are strongly, innately compassionate can be noted early in their lives. They are those children who, from early years, share their toys, candy, their time and friendship with those of their kind. Their innate compassion can be noted by their regular enthusiastic care for siblings, house pets and other animals, even plants and garden plots. They will expect others to likewise consider them and they learn forgiveness when this turns out not to be so.

“Then there are those who must learn to develop compassion. They will have some modicum of compassion, but little concern for others until life teaches them a severe lesson — yes, when they reach the end of their road — and they have no alternative but to put their very lives into the hands of strangers. It is now time for them to decide that a future compassionate life is more ‘the right thing to do.’ Surprisingly, some of these slow learners can become major contributors.

“Few have absolutely nothing much to offer in the way of inherent compassion, even foregiveness, but hopefully are equiped with other great talents. Time and again, their life’s circumstances will remind them that feelings for those in need are the ‘done’ thing, but they will resist helping others, indefinitely. And I can tell you that they arrive on Mansonia One with the lengthiest of all catch-up programs to be fulfilled, their substantial earthly gains not being of use to them.

“We mention, but we don’t here discuss those who battle with a genuine psychological illness. In doing so, we would be handing you pure revelation and that is out of the question, as you well know. Suffice it to say that the mentally disturbed are accurately assessed on Mansonia One and are each given personalised programs.

“There you see, as I told you in our numerous meetings, that what you do for another, you do for yourself. As we see you and as you will see yourself, you are an integral part of the total. I am Sananda, I am the Damascus Scribe — simply part of it all.”

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