The Philosophy of Life

Alabama, US of A, October 30, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Philosophy of Life.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Each person must develop their life’s own philosophy. This is a product of their experiences, the lessons learned and the wisdom acquired. This is a mental framework upon which each person can evaluate reality and decide which path to travel. However, this philosophy should be motivated by an impulse to learn and become increasingly better. Without this impulse an efficient plan for growth can’t be developed and there is not a foundation to create one’s life’s philosophy. Without this desire for improvement, mortals would be condemned to moral stagnation and spiritual ignorance.

“When a soul honestly attempts to know the Father, the mental changes that make a person more susceptible to receive spiritual input become possible. In this way progressive revelations of truth provided by the Thought Adjuster can find their way into the mortal mind of a human being. This in turn makes the philosophy of life of that person more real and effective in promoting a more mature personality.

“A life’s philosophy is not a religion, nor is it an established generic dogma. An authentic life philosophy is unique and personal, progressively developed as a human being grows in spirit. What you have learned, the way in which you face your problems and the decisions you make, are unique and personal, even when there may be a lot of things in your methods that can serve as inspiration and guidance to your peers.

“It is necessary that each person develops their own philosophy of life. This collection of values, habits and ideals is individual, but as the creature learns more about the Father and the spiritual realities, his or her ideals and values start to more closely approach perfection and the differences that may exist among the ideals and values of various persons become irrelevant, because in the end there will be unity of purpose, evidenced by the impulse of all awakened souls to live the will of the Father.

“When a dogma or a religion is imposed upon a human being, the opportunity to develop a personal philosophy is stolen from that person. Many of your religions are in fact the life philosophies of notable human beings of your past. These doctrines were useful for the personalities who developed them, but they were not created with the intent of being universal and applicable to all. Each one of you is a unique and original soul. You must all independently and freely decide the path you will travel to reach perfection and divinity.”

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