Don’t Regret the Good You’ve Done

Chicago, US of A, May 28, 2017.
Teacher: Secondary Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Don’t Regret the Good You’ve Done.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Midwayer Thomas: “God has no regrets. We, His creatures, especially while still subject to the imperfections of the evolutionary realms, certainly do have regrets, both about ourselves and about others. However, not all we do is regrettable if we follow the Will of the Father, summed up in ‘Do unto others as you wish done unto you’. Love causes no regrets, doing good to others should not leave any regrets, even later, when circumstances have changed. Circumstances and emotions may have changed about the people you so favored, but it won’t change any of the good you’ve done.

“Do Not Regret it, even if it now appears foolish. There is subliminal thought in society that people do good because they are tricked into doing so by someone or through emotions or circumstances. It often seems that being selfish or not caring for your neighbor is the norm and being concerned, loving and generous is the shameful exception. So, after doing good when emotions have vanished, when more rational thinking sets in and when it seems you could now use for yourself the means you provided to someone else, you might look foolish in your own eyes. Do not doubt yourself. Believe in the Permanence Law. No good deed is ever forgotten.

“Do Not Regret it, even if there is no gratitude. Goodness made with the wrong motivation will still benefit the needy but if the motivation is unworthy of the goodness done, you may have trouble accepting that the good done was in fact, good after all, especially if any kind of selfish expectation was in play. In doing good, do it without expecting any praise for what you did or even recompense or gratitude. The only motivation to do what is good should be the love for your neighbor — nothing else. If you did help, even for a moment, that was the sole purpose. Nothing else is necessary.

“Do not Regret it, even if it appears that no good came from it. Still on results, never be so rushed to judge the goodness you showed. In fact, it is better to not judge it at all. If for curiosity’s sake, or if you can find a good reason for evaluating what you did, remember that the results might be hidden from you or they didn’t yet blossom. Instead look at the results out there, change direction and look for the results within you. Is there any change in you? Sometimes is not important how your goodness has changed others, but how it changed you.

“Therefore, my friend, let go of any regrets you may have entertained about the good things you did for others. Do not be ashamed of them. Rather, be happy that you have done the right thing because loving others is always the right thing to do. After it is done, don’t expect recognition or praise. Love seeks no selfish profit from anything it does, because love itself cannot spring from selfishness. Finally, check for results within you and how it made you grow spiritually. The actions are ours, the consequences God’s. I am Thomas, your Midwayer friend, happy to inspire you again.”

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