Living to the Fullest Means Loving to the Fullest

Oregon, US of A, August 4, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Living to the Fullest Means Loving to the Fullest.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “What is Greatness? In God’s creation, everything and everyone have been conceived for Greatness. What do I mean by that?

“The constitutive elements of Greatness are Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. They are the Essence of the Divine — His Designer Fragrance. In your world, many stake a claim to greatness, wanting to be vested in the human Hall of Fame and this is mainly based on the fact that they excel in a specific area of their lives. As well, popular adulation erects unearned pedestals for many immature souls and such pedestals become their downfall by unduly boosting their immature egos that lack the humility to process such excessive praise.

“Your body has been conceived to serve Greatness. Your mind has been equipped to follow positive strings of thoughts and conceive original ideas that, if acted upon, will better and beautify yourself and your environment.

“Your vocal chords have been intended to speak the Truth, and nothing but the Truth. Your Heart fulfills its divine purpose if it exudes Love. Your whole being is uplifted, as well as uplifts others when it is acting as an Ambassador of Love.

“Love is good. Period. God’s Love is pure and flawless. It is genuine and beautiful. Those are the high standards by which you will someday reach God likeliness.

“When you make any decision, ask yourself: ‘Is it true, is it good, is it beautiful?’ Whenever you only affirmatively answer one or two out of these three, this is not worth pursuing, as it would result in a stunted creation — not in perfect alignment with the Divine Plan. Love is the only answer that qualifies you for a cum laude report card. Love is the only passing grade to grant you full access to the Father’s Presence in Paradise. To live to the fullest, love to the fullest — as Jesus did.”

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