Life is a Playground of Opportunities

Urantia, June 24, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Life is a Playground of Opportunities.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Again, this is a moment in eternity. Eternity is made up of moments such as these, for every sincere seeker who is prepared to listen with an open heart and mind, as to what the Creator of all is willing to impart.

“You can have no concept of the light and purity that is being beamed into you when you listen to the still Voice — a Fragment of the eternal God.

“Can you really understand what it means to you that the mighty Creator God has seen fit to gift you with a Fragment of Himself?

“It’s indwelling you occurred when you made your first moral decision when still a child — a conscious choice between good and bad.

“This momentous occasion occurs on this planet between the ages of five to seven approximately. A small child needs an inner compass to help and guide it in the right direction towards its eternal destiny.

“Unwittingly, a great number of parents ‘contaminate’ the child with their fears and superstitions. The Universal Creator has gifted His mortal children with a curious and seeking mind, which needs to develop in the younger ones with the help and guidance of the elder care givers.

“However, in this materialistic and electronic age, the inactivity in front of a television set, slot machines and more, threatens this development. How many children are interested in reading books, to develop their minds and use their imagination to invent games, to be engaged in competitive sports to help develop healthy bodies and a team spirit, or learn how to get along with others?

“The human spirit needs room to grow and develop itself. This it does by being actively engaged in wholesome activities. Parents need to limit and control the hours spent with electronic equipment.

“Roundtable discussions and parents playing games together with their children create a family bonding and security in the children. If the parents are too busy and stressed out, who will form their children’s minds? Nurture and first rate care are needed and provided with love.

“Life is a playground filled with opportunities. Investigate the potentials for development and come to Me in the Stillness for guidance.”

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