Rally with the United Forces of Love in Action

Oregon, US of A, June 18, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Rally with the United Forces of Love in Action.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Love is the essence of religion and the wellspring of superior civilization.” [UB 1124.05]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement is well worth pondering. Indeed, there cannot be a true religion — in the unifying sense of the word — without love. I am not speaking here of a mere mental allegiance to what you conceive as love, as love has been greatly misunderstood and thereby desecrated.

“True love is love in action — not the mere status quo of tolerating others, even though love encompasses genuine heartfelt tolerance. Yet, at times, being tolerant of others limits itself to cohabitating peacefully — not going as far as inviting them into your living quarters.

“Effective religious lives are infused with Love in Action. They matter, as they leave an uplifting emotional mark on a multitude of lives. Their outreach has a ripple effect that invigorates other hearts and inspires them to partake in a beautiful chain reaction of positive and constructive actions.

“Love HAS TO BE respectful. If it lacks this element, it is not Love. Period. On the other hand, such a respect-infused Love acts as a heart opener. Surely, you have personally experienced how instantly disrespect slams the door of your heart shut as a protective measure.

“It is much advisable in these chaotic times to examine your ‘love life’. Religion can act as its cradle; yet, it has to ‘transpire’ in all areas of the human experience — from the family unit to the civilization.

“Sadly, the two most essential elements of a religious experience are often missing. You may love your kin. What about your enemies? Are you tolerant or intolerant toward them? Do you respect them or do you drag them in the mud of your sarcastic, disparaging, and disrespectful demeanors?

“How could Christianity exert any force of attraction if it is devoid of the love and respect that should be its trademark?

“Dear ones, do not emulate others’ intransigent behaviors, thus allowing them to mold your own. Remain in your integrity and keep advocating Love in Action by being respectfully loving. It is as simple as that! Yet, even though it is your true nature, it takes much practice to awaken these dormant attributes — attributes that, once activated, have the power to upgrade your civilization. Indeed, the united forces of Love in Action are unstoppable and will claim victory in the days of Light of Life.”

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