A New Era of Progress and Love

Alabama, US of A, February 15, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A New Era of Progress and Love.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The Magisterial Mission is well underway. The incarnation of Monjoronson, however, will be one of the last events within that long-term plan to implement a new era of revelation on Urantia. There are great numbers of Teachers and Celestials of all kinds working right now for the Magisterial Mission. Your work of awakening the masses is just one more step in this mission. The workers of our Father do not remain idle by observing how human beings stumble in confusion and darkness.

“However, peace is a necessary requirement before the majority of human beings are willing to contemplate spiritual matters. It is known that when a human being is struggling to satisfy her material needs spiritual matters are put aside, waiting for better times. Those who are starving today will not be willing to learn about spiritual growth because they are distracted — and with good reason — with the problems of the present and their searching for solutions.

“It is only during times of leisure that most human beings start to contemplate higher realities — the purpose of their existence and what lies beyond this life. Today, while most of the population on this planet experience uncertainty due to the machinations and agendas of the ruling minority, the ground has not yet been prepared for planting the seeds of a higher truth. While religious intolerance and dogmatism are still prevailing in the lives of human beings on Urantia, the path is still not open for a clearer and more powerful revelation from on High.

“However, there will come a time for this world when human beings will understand that something must be done in order to prevent their very destruction. Just like in an individual’s life, the tragedies and the results of bad decisions from the past are often the only things that can convince a mortal that an alternative path to move forward has to be found. You are experiential creatures and sometimes, only through the experiences of life, will you see clearly and then really understand the consequences of your actions.

“That will be when the mortals of this world will raise their sights to the heavens and with empty hands they will search for an asnwer to their tribulations and relief from the evils created by themselves. Then the Father and His workers will one more time give the best of themselves to satiate the global spiritual hunger and these starving souls will be fed the elixir of light and life. It will be then when the seeds of a new revelation will find fertile ground and the fruits of a new era of progress and love will begin to appear.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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