Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Oregon, US of A, July 31, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge.”

Message received by Anyas.

“We gain knowledge from the experience of man, but we derive wisdom from the contemplation of the Most High.” [UB 1443:00]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us address the demarcation between knowledge and wisdom. First of all, there cannot be any wisdom without experiential knowledge. How so?

“In order to ‘know what you know’, you have to experience first-hand situations that lead you to ‘actually’ feel others’ emotional attachments at the very core of your being. Until you FEEL these, you can only intuit them and imagine how in reality they would feel. However, you will always fall short of the mark of their authentic experience.

“The spiritual influences of the Adjutant Mind Spirits are there to guide you up the experiential ladder. At its bottom, the subtle nudges of Intuition will prompt you to climb one rung up toward the enlightenment of Understanding. This, in turn, will instill in you the Courage to take your next leap of faith toward the experiential acquisition of Knowledge. Whether the outcome of your decisions is positive or adversarial, it nevertheless provides you with rich lessons that will serve you well in the continuation of your decided climb.

“You can also take advantage of the pooling together of individual or group knowledge. This is what the Spirit of Counsel invites you to do, granting you access to virgin inner territories where you cross the fine line between your physical and spiritual propensities. This is where spiritual growth takes place. This is where the wisdom you extract from your down-to-earth reality is transmuted into spiritual currency — a currency that is not subject to depreciation but is ‘safekept’ in your spiritual trust fund — the seed money for your next life.

“Indeed, in order to gain wisdom, you have to turn your views toward the Most High — the One who knows the end from the beginning. Wisdom may seem intangible due to the fact that it is not a material substance. Nevertheless, it is a very real substance that expands your consciousness and provides you with amazing spiritual highs, leading you to worship the One who instigated all this process so that you can meet Him in your own godlikeness at the top of the ladder.

“Dear ones, it is by establishing very clear intentions for your life that you will be able to cross the rainbow bridge between human knowledge and divine wisdom. This is what Jesus successfully did, as did many of the enlightened souls who left an enduring positive mark on this world.”

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