Children of One God

Urantia, August 19, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Children of One God.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The inexpressible beauty of your soul within lies as undiscovered and dormant and yet you already show early signs of awakening. Absorb the early promise and beauty of springtime after a long winter sleep. All the tiny buds are readying their selves for their personal season of expression.

“Each time you observe the mystery of the life force that brings a flower bud to bear fruit, do perceive the unfolding of the marvel of the first promise of color.

“Each bud holds within itself the blueprint of God’s design, so you may compare it to your soul and character development. The more beautiful the spiritual thoughts you imbibe and entertain in your heart, the greater the beauty of your soul, and the more you grow into the likeness of the Creator God.

“You may express this inner beauty to the outer world in the way you live, think, speak and act. It is in loving service rendered to others that your true colors are made manifest. You literally become God in expression.

“Think about the holy being you are becoming. Reflect on how you can strive for having purer thoughts, and for being of greater service in God’s Kingdom by increasing your understanding, patience, tolerance, mercy and forgiveness.

“Self-discipline in all areas leads to self-mastery, which is a requirement for growth. Become consistently more aware of living in the present. Be positive and become more joyful and loving as you are growing in greater harmony and balance within your inner world and with the outer world.

“Express your love for the Creator God towards all others as you are to accept and recognize them as your brothers and sisters, since they, too, are children of the same Creator God; travelling on the ages-long ascension journey towards perfection on Paradise.”

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