About the Role of Uncertainty

Alabama, US of A, February 21, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About the Role of Uncertainty.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You will often find ideas and values that you just cannot understand. Remember that you are at the bottom of a ladder where every step up will bring more clarity about spiritual truths. However, you don’t need to completely understand the Father of the spiritual world in order to take advantage of what He offers you. You do not need to know how your words and your sincere soul desires are perceived by God, you just need to accept by faith that this is so and accept that your Father is always there with you, mainly through the ministry of His Divine Presence within human beings — the Thought Adjuster and other spiritual agencies.

“Why is it necessary for a human being to face uncertainty and the inability to understand the truth? The plan of evolution is a perfect design from deity. It is through this plan that a human creature, almost at the animal level, can transform into a glorious being of light, similar to God Himself. For this, it is necessary for these magnificent creatures to start their adventure from the lowest possible levels of personality and consciousness. At those levels there is nothing the Father can do to reveal more completely to human beings what He has not already revealed. In truth, you have been given everything you are capable of understanding.

“The adventure of perfection is a journey to discover the Father and also an adventure of self-discovery. It is through this journey that every creature has the opportunity to decide if the plan for eternal life is really something in which he or she wants to participate. You have not been given pre-conceived answers nor have you been educated in the universal culture of those created in perfection. You have been given the authorization and the complete freedom to explore on your own, make your own discoveries and formulate your own conclusions. The journey of progress towards the center of all things is a journey of discovery where at the end you will be able to say with all certainty that you know and understand the divine will and that you have decided to participate in this will.

“When children grow in a family it is normal for them to acquire many of the character traits of their parents and to assume that many of the customs to which they have been exposed are the most adequate. However, the Father in His infinite wisdom, has separated you enough from infinite reality to allow you, after your observing of all the possibilities, to choose on your own that the will of your loving Father is truly the best way.

“You, the sons and daughters of the flesh, are the ones who enjoy the greatest freedom in all creation. You must create your own reality and, if after discovering the attributes of truth, beauty and goodness your soul desires more, then you will search for the divine guidance that lives within you and you will start to discover the highest values and meanings — the eternal truth. It will be then when you will discover that there already is a path with the most love set before you and you will make the supreme decision to walk this path to become the highest, most beautiful and original expression of your being — a reflection of the original Father.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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