Peace is the Support Framework of Your Godlike Nature

Oregon, US of A, August 09, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Peace is the Support Framework of Your Godlike Nature.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Let not anger and hate master you. Speak harshly of no one.” [UB 1447:03].

Thought Adjuster: “What happens when anger and hate master you? You lose self-control. What a price to pay! Indeed, anger and hate are dark entities that will tease you until ‘you lose it’, as the agenda of their ill-intentioned complicity is to rob you of your peace — your most precious possession — thus throwing your life into chaos.

“In the face of trials and persecutions, Jesus said: "My peace I leave with you…» This is the peace that prevents ruinous conflicts. Personal peace integrates personality. Social peace prevents fear, greed, and anger. Political peace prevents race antagonisms, national suspicions, and war. Peace making is the cure of distrust and suspicion. [UB 140:18]

“If you stop and think about it, peace is an intricate part of your godlike nature — its support framework. This is the reason why Jesus appeared as “the Prince of Peace” to reveal that way of living to men and women who had yet to experience the sublime quality of such a peace.

“When you are fully at peace, nothing can ‘rattle your cage’ and by maintaining such a commanding presence, you have the power to appease the storms raging around you. On the other hand, if you let such turbulences destabilize and weaken you, their associated dark emotions will invade your being and unscrupulously vandalize it.

“In those crucial moments, remember that you are in charge and that you can win that ‘battle of the wills’ by holding onto your peace — your lifeline. This is what Jesus consistently did, which was a cause of great bewilderment for His followers.

Indeed, anger and hate are utterly destructive. The synergy of their malignant alliance increases tenfold the force of those whom they possess, thus driving them to go on harmful rampages from which it is very hard to recover — both for their victims and for themselves.

“Dear ones, life will constantly provide you with opportunities to cater to your inner peace. After a while, it will become your first nature and you will live with great awareness, quickly warding off these malevolent emotions. Once they realize that your inner fortress is unassailable, they will retreat and scout for easier prey.”

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