Seek Me First

Urantia, August 12, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Seek Me First.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow yourself to come ever closer to me. Our relationship is boundless, endless and forever, even beyond this mortal life.

“I know the hope that lives in your heart and I know your deepest most secret desires, for I placed them there. However, I need your active cooperation to filter out any negative thoughts and tendencies.

“This is not an easy thing for mortals to do, as the human creature is so comfortable with old habits. Still, with an increasing awareness on your part, these old habits need close and honest scrutiny.

“The more attention you give My still Voice within, the better I am able to guide you. The quality of time you give Me is most important. The quantity of time automatically follows. Just do not give up too soon when you think that you ‘hear’ nothing; because your soul is at rest in Me.

“It is always your hidden hungry and sincere desire that urges you to come to Me, which sets the tone for our communications. In this manner you gather insights, which grow into wisdom like golden nuggets strung together and polished in eternal light.

“Do remove the last shred of doubt which always causes you resistance to freely open up to Me. For you to entertain the slightest doubt is still another sign of lack of trust and faith in Me.

“What else can I do but wait until you show further signs of readiness to come to Me?

“The willingness, dedication, length and duration of traveling this road toward eternal life and fusion with Me is totally up to each individual mortal who desires to live eternally to find the Source of all life.

“This is also dependent on your decisions as to how well the life’s lessons are learned that are set before you. Really now, what excuse do you have to not come to Me and rest a while?

“In My Presence is life, unconditional love, healing, hope, strength and courage to carry on, as well as every other thing you might have a need of.

“Seek Me first and all these things will be yours.”

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