Before I Was, You Were

Illawarra District, Australia, September 19, 2018.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Before I Was, You Were.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Teacher Uteah: “Greetings to you, my new friends.”

George: “Hello, Uteah.”

Uteah: “We promised each other that we would converse again and we would be friends. Before I was, you were.”

George: “Indeed. That makes me think, hah! . . . and ponder.”

Uteah: “I made you laugh and I delighted for you to see the humor. I spoke with, no I communicated with, all those you have gotten to know since the 1960’s and overwhelmingly they see you as a friend rather than see themselves as your teachers.”

George: “It could well be that I just didn’t want to know what they had to say. I took them all with a grain of salt and I thought they were all quite dead, all from the borderland, sort of, like ghosts. Besides, the main one, ABC-22, his English conversation was rather awful and so was mine, really. Yes, rather pitiful in those days.”

Uteah: “You managed to amuse a great number of your spiritual elders. Your suggestions last week were correct and much to the point. You suggested that if you now have Trinity Teachers on Urantia and they are here to stay, I, Uteah, will likely be the Trinity Teachers’ Spokesperson . . . and that is correct. I have thus been appointed and have gracefully accepted the task. Moreover, you suggested, Urantians will be taught new things but more likely warned to stay away from important, new and very dangerous developments, yes, rather frightening new trends.

“More than you foresaw when earlier we spoke just briefly, more than you imagined then, humanity is unlikely to be improved by experiments with alterations made to its DNA. Rather than a caring child or an extra-spiritual offspring, more aggressive tendencies will come to the fore and will be preferred by some rather captive governmental institutions and you may well become accustomed to the term ‘weaponized’ human beings. Indeed, they would be weaponized but no longer be human beings, no longer Thought Adjuster indwelt and therefore hardly Paradise pilgrims.

“Consider this, my new friend, they would be lesser human beings and over a period of time utterly diminish mankind’s right to be called the worthy sons and daughters of God, given that they would mate with the genuine sons and daughters of God. That is it for me. If there is no more . . .”

George: “Chris and Anyas have this situation well in hand. I propose to leave it there with the younger members of our group and give them my full support as always. I respect the work you are doing, Uteah, but Sunny and I have a huge demand on our time and the likes of Samuel of Panoptia and the Scribe of Damascus as our Friends.

“Nevertheless, do as you will with us . . . we are your servants.”

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