Consequences of Your Actions

Alabama, US of A, May 9, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Consequences of Your Actions.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Life can sometimes seem hard and unfair. However, the majority of the problems human beings face in this world are simply the consequences of their individual or collective actions. In most of the difficulties humans encounter, you can find a human cause and often some generations have had to overcome the problems created by their ancestors.

“But no generation has ever needed to face and resolve problems as complex and devastating as the generations that are currently being born. This world is experiencing the apex of materialism and the increased contact among different regions of the world has contributed to extend some social evils that used to be restricted to some geographical areas, promoting much superstition, prejudice, intolerance, mistrust, and fear. The people of this generation – those who control the natural resources and the direction of civilization – are acting in a way that benefits only those who belong to their inner group at the expense of the rest. They exploit the natural resources like never before and relentless ambition is the norm of success in the minds of most mortals.

“However, these are only the delivery pains of the birth of a new era. Many among you are realizing that this path will not bring a good outcome. The consequences of the irresponsible way in which many behave are becoming evident and this is the reason why so many raise their voices of alarm and warning, looking for an alternative and higher way to live their lives. Others who feel trapped by the inequality of the distribution of resources and by the rejection they feel to the way in which society dictates that they should live their lives, are starting to think independently. The seeds of change are germinating in human hearts and the spiritual light starts to shine with increased brightness in this earth.

“For many, the consequences of their way of life are already obvious. Some fortunate ones have searched within for the answers and have found the Father in their minds and their hearts. Some feel their unconditional love overflowing their being and they spontaneously share the truth they have discovered, and are becoming examples to their peers – beacons that illuminate the way to the goals of eternity. Nevertheless, the vast majority still lingers in confusion, apathy, and shortsighted materialism.

“The time to make a final decision is near. Your world is a part of the Supreme Being, a living world with a developing personality. This planet knows what it needs to promote balance and restore conditions to allow for higher growth, in harmony with the plans of the Creator. Just as human bodies have the inner wisdom to produce a fever when an infection is threatening the integrity of that entire system, our world possesses a higher intelligence that will shake things as needed in order to preserve planetary health.

“If human beings in this world don’t change the course of their decisions and actions they will sooner or later face the consequences of their actions. This will be a ‘judgement day’, not the judgement of an angry and vengeful god, but the natural consequences faced by those who pretend to impose their methods, conceived by their partial view of reality, over the divine will of the One who knows the end from the beginning and truly knows what is best path. On that day, everyone will realize the error of their ways and out of necessity they will have to make the needed corrections. Then, what was originally considered to be a tragedy will become the most important and relevant lesson for those who had to live through those times, a lesson that will raise the consciousness of the masses and will focus everyone’s attention on the divinity that lives within each one of you.

“This is the question: will you wait to face the dire consequences of your actions to realize that you are responsible for what happens in your world? Or will you use your wisdom to mitigate the fall and start to improve things here and now?”

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