A Song shall Be Composed

Urantia, August 25, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Song shall Be Composed.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The secret desires of your heart are all known to Me. Your yearning to receive clear guidance from Me shall in due course be realized, depending of course on the time and dedication you invest in coming to Me in your Stillness.

“Jesus said that the Kingdom of heaven is within, but the entrance thereto is through simple trust and prayer. Believe and it shall be opened unto you. This is truly the most beautiful and yet so practical journey to embark upon.

“This journey shall bring you increasing peace of mind, healing balm for the emotionally distraught heart, and joy to the soul. There, a song shall be composed to glorify the Giver of life, the Sustainer, the Creator and Upholder of all things and yet unmade.

“It is He, who sets you free from your baser creature tendencies, like intolerance, impatience and selfishness. These and more shall fall away, and a more loving altruistic personality shall develop to be used in the service of humankind.

“Pray for more insight, pray for more understanding, and not just for yourself, but for all others you may come into contact with. It is My desire that you develop a strong and fragrant personality, which is not swayed by any outside influences, because you are finally realizing that I am the safest, purest and unconditionally loving Guide indwelling you.

“Dedicate yourself to listening more carefully, so you will develop the desire of your heart to become a pure channel for My teachings, rather than relying on your imagination, and what you may think you are perceiving.

“Be pure, be real, be sincere and honest of heart, for this is what I require of you.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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