The Dark Night of My Soul

Oregon, US of A, July 18, 2019.
Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “The Dark Night of My Soul.”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “My earthly life was coming to an end and, as you will be prompted to do when you reach those crossroads, I performed a life review. At first, I had to deal with My many disappointments and regrets. The absence of the members of My physical family weighted heavily on Me. I felt utterly alone in My greatest time of need, as My three trusted disciples were not able to stay awake to pray with Me and give Me the emotional support I required. I also grieved for those who rejected Me, knowing that many tribulations would befall them, and I was concerned about the welfare of My dear followers.

“From that perspective, I was not ready to move on. I felt needed and I wished I could do more for My loved ones. As I describe the ebb and flow of my human emotions during those intense hours, I am sure you can relate. Such crushing feelings are part of the human experience. In episodes of high stress and anxiety, you seek out and cherish the support and encouragement of your family and friends.

“My human nature was direly tested that night. Three times, I asked My disciples to stay awake and pray with Me, as I was facing the great temptation to avoid ‘drinking of the cup.’ Three times, My exhausted entourage fell asleep, leaving Me alone to deal with My train of thoughts.

“Then, came a turning point in My thinking. My life review took Me to the happier times of My ministry, and this lifted My spirits. My despair was replaced with a renewed determination to do the Father’s Will, and I regained my emotional equilibrium.

“All of you undergo such inner processes when life seems to treat you too harshly. Know that I am with you in those moments of great sorrow when you call upon Me to be at your side. My spirit never sleeps, and it will comfort you in the manner I needed to be comforted while enduring the dark night of My soul.”

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