Persevere, Oh Persevere

Urantia: September 1, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Persevere, Oh Persevere.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “For a soul to grow and to be thankful for all the grace and mercy received, means that there has dawned recognition, a realization in the human mind. It means that there is a persistent seeking of the will of God. Those intentions of the mind are coming to fruition in real action. Such a life shall be an example to others as it reveals the glory of God in the mundane daily tasks of existence.

“The unfolding of true character has now begun as it strives to lift itself above the material level of existence. Trust Me even further in the guidance of your unfoldment, for truly eyes have not seen nor have ears heard all the wonders which shall unfold before your astonished senses in the inner life, where you are being prepared for the next level of existence.

“At times, materialistic mortals exist wholly on the lower creature levels despite sophisticated outward appearances. The spiritually lazy ones are quite content to be spoon-fed by their priests and others, rather than taking responsibly for personal growth of their eternal souls, which wither in the process.

“The secret of growth is found in an active inner life which is persistently engaged seeking Me out, and so it will find its own inner Pilot to help guide it through the vicissitudes of life.

“Each time mortals thus engage themselves to come into the Silence and are willing to totally be present, they shall develop the inner listening skills necessary to receive.

“It is a building of discerning faith and trust to, in this process, gain peace and soul-rest beyond the earthly understanding.

| “Therefore persevere oh persevere, in stilling your mind in meditation, so you can come to Me in the silence of your heart so My voice and guidance can become much clearer.”

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