Receiving, Transmitting, and Dyslexia

Illawarra District, Australia, January 13, 2014.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Life Carrier Orion.

Subject: “Receiving, Transmitting, and Dyslexia.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We learn from each other, you and I. In turn, your deep appreciation of my saintly patience has taught you to become doggedly persistent. I jest. Can’t help myself. I could answer your question on dyslexia, but it carries more weight when coming from those who know you best.”

Orion: “Good day to you, my friend. This is Orion. In keeping with universe rulings that evolutionary beings be but sparingly supplied with revelationary information, our meetings tend to be irregular. However, in keeping with our earlier undertaking that we will confirm the reality of what you ‘bring to mind’ (figure out), I am here to see to it that the matter of reception and transmission productive of signs of dyslexia will in future be somwhat better understood.

“The dual task of receiving and transmitting messages from their Teachers, for most receivers, can from time to time present difficulties in the receivers’ abilities to reach that placid, optimum, altered state of mind where the concepts, sentences, and words are transmitted in the correct order. I assure you the words are received by you in the correct order, because they are transmitted by your Celestial Teachers in the precise order.

“Here I remind you of the advice of one of your lecturers that more can be learned about your patients when you listen to them with your eyes closed. You can better enjoy your favourite music in a darkened room. Somewhat alike to these, you will be a better receiver when you drift into a deeply altered state of mind, but not exactly, not quite. When you are receiving, moments before you transmit or write, you are switching from the creative to the logical.

“Your soul-felt messages are recognized by the creative mind and the logical mind, but not at precisely the same time. First one, then the other will recognize each word, each concept, in rapid succession, and by the time the Wernicke and Broca speech centers are ordered to record, or trigger you to write, you may well have pronounced or written some words in the wrong order. You ask what it is you must do? Correct it! Make it right.

“Always remember that in receiving and transmitting messages you are co-creating with your Teachers, your God, your Midwayer Friends. It is your work as well as theirs. In editing the work, you are hardly retouching a Rembrandt masterpiece; just making readable that part you almost certainly, mistakenly messed up. In judging the value of the transmission work of others, consider not the structure, no, but what you learn from the lesson.

“Make it a pleasant evening now. This is Orion.”

Bzutu: “A pleasure to stand by. Au revoir, brother.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store